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    A Monthly Recipe Club Is The Book Club Replacement I Was Waiting For

    By making food for each other, my friends and I also make time for each other.

    Being in my late twenties means that most group hangouts with my closest four friends are coordinated weeks or months in advance with the help of emails or, when things get really dire, Doodles.

    After a half-baked attempt at a book club, and many highly enjoyable and delicious potlucks, we figured out the perfect way to guarantee we'd see each other more often: A monthly recipe club.

    The key to our success is the simplicity of the rules.

    I think of it as our own personal Great British Bake Off: We all support each other, try to make something yummy, and at the end of it all, we're all stars.

    We've implemented some measures to ensure that we will, in fact, make it happen again the next month, too.

    But the rules are also flexible, which is crucial for continued success.

    The food is all fun and good, but as you probably guessed, it's the ~quality time~ that we spend together that really makes it special.