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    Just A Friendly PSA That You Don't HAVE To Lay Your Edges Down If You Don't Wanna

    Unlaid and unbothered.

    1. Sleek and swirly baby hairs are a legit art form, but here's the thing...

    2. ...Laid edges are an OPTION, not a necessity. / Via @chari_luv

    3. No shade to the ICONIC toothbrush + edge control combo, cuz they've held us down since forever...

    4. ... But edges can ALSO be lush and textured, like this heavenly puff... / Via @naturallytemi

    5. ...Or free and effortless, like this wrapped ~lewk~. / Via Photo by Krystle Lacey for Malaika Apparel

    6. Sometimes, those short, delicate strands just wanna do their own thing. / Via @gabunion

    7. Maybe they wanna stand up and stand OUT like your bomb-ass 'do. / Via @tayloranise

    8. Or maybe they wanna frame your gorgeous face like some coily, vibrant sunrays. / Via @jamillahmcwhorter

    9. And that's A-OK! / Via @centricsista

    10. BTW, having unlaid edges doesn't mean your hair's dry. / Via @taikafilat

    11. Nor does it mean your hair's not "done." / Via @eyescutlikediamonds

    12. See? / Via @jamaicangirlgetsfit

    13. I mean, this stunning updo looks pretty done to me.

    14. So does this fun half-up, half-down style. / Via @naptural85

    15. Long story, short: unlaid edges are just as acceptable as laid ones. / Via @theelementsofme

    16. Whether you're serving an "I woke up like this" look... / Via @champagnemani

    17. ...Or going for a chic, pulled back moment...

    18. ...Rock those baby hairs however you see fit. / Via @westafricanbaby

    19. And if someone's got something to say, you know what to do. / Via @tolaniav