Just A Friendly PSA That You Don't HAVE To Lay Your Edges Down If You Don't Wanna

    Unlaid and unbothered.

    1. Sleek and swirly baby hairs are a legit art form, but here's the thing...

    2. ...Laid edges are an OPTION, not a necessity.

    3. No shade to the ICONIC toothbrush + edge control combo, cuz they've held us down since forever...

    4. ... But edges can ALSO be lush and textured, like this heavenly puff...

    5. ...Or free and effortless, like this wrapped ~lewk~.

    6. Sometimes, those short, delicate strands just wanna do their own thing.

    7. Maybe they wanna stand up and stand OUT like your bomb-ass 'do.

    8. Or maybe they wanna frame your gorgeous face like some coily, vibrant sunrays.

    9. And that's A-OK!

    10. BTW, having unlaid edges doesn't mean your hair's dry.

    11. Nor does it mean your hair's not "done."

    12. See?

    13. I mean, this stunning updo looks pretty done to me.

    14. So does this fun half-up, half-down style.

    15. Long story, short: unlaid edges are just as acceptable as laid ones.

    16. Whether you're serving an "I woke up like this" look...

    17. ...Or going for a chic, pulled back moment...

    18. ...Rock those baby hairs however you see fit.

    19. And if someone's got something to say, you know what to do.