17 Photos Of Baby Hair That Will Make Every Black Girl Say "SNAAAAAATCHED!"

    Black hair > Picasso.

    1. First of all, get into these perfectly sculpted edges that are LEGIT leaving us speechless.

    2. And these FKA Twigs-esque baby haaaaaairz!

    3. Black hair is legit art, but we knew this.

    WOW, awesome work!✔️😍 #Edge #babyhair #hairstyles #NaturalHairTwitter #melaninpoppin

    4. The subtlety, the delicacy. Perfection.

    5. The time sis put into these handlebar hairs is noted and appreciated.

    6. Slicked edges and locs are our new favorite couple.

    7. *sigh* To whom shall we hand in our snatched wigs?

    8. The detail got us SHOOOOOOOOOOK!!!

    9. The nerve of her to slick down these coily-curly strands and then make this cute-ass face. We weren't ready!

    10. And the audacity of her to serve soft baby wisps as if the flawless complexion and red lip didn't already take us out.

    11. This cutie gave us two crescent moons and ended things with an actual "S." THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

    12. *Saves image as "Afropunk 2018 Inspiration"*

    13. Hold up. Feelin' a little seasick from all the waves.

    14. This is the face you make after you just blew out your tight coils but slayed your baby hairs for a bomb-ass texture contrast.

    15. Braids fleeky, parts clean AF, and edges straight thriving.

    16. When you don't wanna do too much, but you still wanna let 'em know your lay and slay skills are real.

    17. We've seen lace fronts that could NEVER lay like homegirl's au naturel hair.

    Big ups to the universe for making black girls so dope! *Toothbrush and gel sold separately.*