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    17 Photos Of Baby Hair That Will Make Every Black Girl Say "SNAAAAAATCHED!"

    Black hair > Picasso.

    1. First of all, get into these perfectly sculpted edges that are LEGIT leaving us speechless.

    @filthyrichtresses / Via

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    2. And these FKA Twigs-esque baby haaaaaairz!

    @joyjah / Via

    3. Black hair is legit art, but we knew this.

    WOW, awesome work!✔️😍 #Edge #babyhair #hairstyles #NaturalHairTwitter #melaninpoppin

    4. The subtlety, the delicacy. Perfection.

    @thatgirldami / Via

    5. The time sis put into these handlebar hairs is noted and appreciated.

    @halssaa / Via

    6. Slicked edges and locs are our new favorite couple.

    @foreverflawlyss / Via

    7. *sigh* To whom shall we hand in our snatched wigs?

    @filthyrichtresses / Via

    8. The detail got us SHOOOOOOOOOOK!!!

    Filthy Rich Tresses / Via

    9. The nerve of her to slick down these coily-curly strands and then make this cute-ass face. We weren't ready!

    @jazznicole / Via

    10. And the audacity of her to serve soft baby wisps as if the flawless complexion and red lip didn't already take us out.

    @sudanidoll / Via

    11. This cutie gave us two crescent moons and ended things with an actual "S." THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

    @eristheplanet / Via

    12. *Saves image as "Afropunk 2018 Inspiration"*

    @flossynubian / Via

    13. Hold up. Feelin' a little seasick from all the waves.

    @_assiiyvh / Via

    14. This is the face you make after you just blew out your tight coils but slayed your baby hairs for a bomb-ass texture contrast.

    @halfricanbeaute / Via

    15. Braids fleeky, parts clean AF, and edges straight thriving.

    @tinkher / Via

    16. When you don't wanna do too much, but you still wanna let 'em know your lay and slay skills are real.

    @thatgirldami / Via

    17. We've seen lace fronts that could NEVER lay like homegirl's au naturel hair.

    @razorempress / Via

    Big ups to the universe for making black girls so dope! *Toothbrush and gel sold separately.*

    Bustle / Via