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    17 Maximalist Rooms For Anyone Who Never Got Into The Whole Minimalism Thing

    Because more is more.

    1. This living room nook that proves you can mix and match patterns as much as you want.

    2. This inviting kitchen that mixes vintage furniture with modern appliances like a pro.

    3. This jungle themed gallery wall that balances textures and prints like a pro.

    4. This plush living room setup that proves you can never have too many pillows.

    5. This sunroom that's perfect for entertaining or napping.

    6. This home office that's filled to the brim with inspiration.

    7. This boho-chic bedroom that makes a great case for hanging plants.

    8. This dining room that completely nails the "more is more" look.

    9. This playful bedroom that guarantees sweet dreams.

    10. This sun-filled living room that'll make you run out and buy black paint ASAP.

    11. This reading nook that practically doubles as a private art gallery.

    12. This bird-inspired bedroom that's filled with all the knickknacks your heart could desire.

    13. This moody living room that's practically begging you to stay in all day and binge-watch Netflix.

    14. This dining room that's more colorful than the food you're going to serve.

    15. This cheeky patio that's perfect for day-drinking all summer long.

    16. This mismatched bathroom that'll inspire you to take baths every day.

    17. And finally, this floral filled home office that'll actually make you want to work from home.

    Now go forth and decorate!

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