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    18 Kitchen Products That Will Make Your Kids Want To Cook

    You can't spell Julia Child without child!

    1. A set of three kid-safe nylon knives, which will cut fruit and veggies, not fingers.

    2. A Masterchef Junior burger cooking kit — including a mixing bowl, a burger press, a turner, a cutting board, and three recipes — for the kid who wants to perfect their grill game.

    3. An emoji kitchen timer, to make the worst part of baking — the waiting — more palatable.

    4. Speaking of which! A set of three cookie sheets and four emoji-shaped cookie cutters, so your kids can snicker about eating poop-shaped cookies.

    5. A Harry Potter apron that'll let your kids show their house pride while cooking up cauldron cakes.

    6. A kid-sized silicone rolling pin so your child will never have to know the horror of a store-bought pie crust.

    7. Bendable cutting board mats to protect counters from errant knives and prevent chopped food from flying all over the room.

    8. Cooking Class: 57 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Make (and Eat!), a cookbook that teaches kids cooking basics so they'll be making *you* French toast before you know it.

    9. Or the Tasty Junior Cookbook, so your burgeoning YouTube star can re-create their favorite Tasty recipes (on camera or off).

    10. A baking kit full of kid-sized tools — including a spatula, a pastry brush, a mixing spoon, a silicone loaf pan, six silicone baking cups, a rolling pin, a whisk, and five recipe cards — to make whipping up sweet treats a piece of cake.

    11. A pair of cut-resistant gloves that'll help kids learn knife skills (and help their parents learn to knife chill).

    12. A folding step stool so shorties can reach the counter and get to prepping.

    13. An ice cream maker, because the ability to make your own ice cream is basically a superpower, and kids love those.

    14. Flexible measuring cups that make it easy for young bakers to pour batter into its rightful place rather than, you know, everywhere else.

    15. A fruit and vegetable prep set — including a vegetable scrubber, a melon baller, a nylon knife, an apple slicer, a large silicone spoon, and a vegetable peeler — because in these modern times, kids don't just need to eat their veggies, they need to prep them, too.

    16. A lightweight hand-crank egg beater so your little one can whip to their heart's content without having to manage an unwieldy appliance.

    17. A pack of three oven rack shields to protect your wee baker's forearms from those hot edges.

    18. And a cake-pop maker so your kids can create kid-sized dough balls in mere moments.

    Your kids, cooking up a storm:

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