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    Women Get Bollywood-Inspired Makeovers

    Three South Asian women get makeovers inspired by their favorite Bollywood icons.

    This is Swasti, Sanjana, and Nina. They all love Bollywood movies and the actresses who star in them.

    Watch these ladies get Bollywood-inspired makeovers!

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    Swasti loves Bipasha Basu and her sultry outfits that show a lot of skin.

    While Sanjana loves Madhuri Dixit's classic and dramatic style.

    And Nina loves the risks Deepika Padukone takes with her fashion choices.

    Swasti was a little self-conscious but ultimately rocked her sultry look.

    While Sanjana felt like a bride in her dramatic and luxurious dress.

    And Nina felt like a total babe in her fashion-forward combination sari/dress.

    People were amazed by their transformations.

    And they felt like absolute Bollywood queens!