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    Mar 10, 2018

    These "Thor" Fan Comics Are The Best Thing You'll See Today

    "Can I trade Loki in for a different brother?"

    If you saw Thor: Ragnarok, you know that it was just a little over two hours of delight.


    Since the movie's release, artist RJ Pierce has been making comics with cute takes on the movie's best moments and inside jokes.

    RJ Pierce / Via

    Including "get help."

    RJ Pierce / Via

    Pierce told BuzzFeed that the "sibling bond" between Thor and Loki is what makes them such prime subjects for comics.

    RJ Pierce / Via

    "Personally, I think I write my best jokes when working with Thor and Loki because I have plenty of experiences with my own brother to take inspiration from," Pierce said.

    But Thor isn't the only member of the Disney/Marvel family that Pierce draws. There's also Black Panther:

    RJ Pierce / Via

    And Star Wars, where Kylo Ren is a frequent subject:

    RJ Pierce / Via

    You can see more of RJ's work on Tumblr, Instagram, or Patreon.

    RJ Pierce / Via

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