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March 21, 2018

These Are The Victims Of The Austin Bombings

Draylen Mason was an accomplished musician with an "infectious smile." Anthony Stephan House was a "devoted father" to an 8-year-old girl.

The 17 Best And Worst Things About Having A Tall And Skinny Boyfriend

He probably hits his head going through most doors.

Here Are The Winners Of The 2018 Whiting Awards

This year's recipients include Esmé Wang, Patty Yumi Cottrell, Tommy Pico, and Weike Wang.

Tell Us What Terrifying True Crime Happened In Your State

Warning: includes details some readers may find disturbing.

Arizona's Governor Just Suspended Uber's Self-Driving Tests After Fatal Collision

Five days after police released exterior and interior video of a self-driving Uber vehicle fatally colliding with a woman in Tempe, Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey shut down Uber's self-driving program in the state indefinitely.

Here's How Facebook Got Into This Mess: A Timeline

A data firm collected tens of millions of people’s Facebook data without their consent. Here’s how that happened.

Here's What The Cast Of "The Matrix" Look Like Now

Believe it or not, it's been 19 years.

Facebook's Board Said It Supports Zuckerberg And Sandberg In The Cambridge Analytica Crisis

As the furor over the controversial data firm's abuse of Facebook data raged on, its suddenly embattled top brass received a full-throated endorsement Wednesday afternoon.

Which Hilarious "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Cold Open Matches Your Personality Best?

"I'd like your eight dollarest bottle of wine please."

A Gun Demo YouTube Channel With 24 Million Views Is Moving To Pornhub

InRange TV said in a Facebook post Wednesday that YouTube's ban on videos that promote firearms means the social platform is not a "safe harbor for a wide variety of views and subject matter."

Sacramento Police Shot And Killed An Unarmed Black Man In His Own Backyard

Police, who said they mistook his cell phone for a weapon, released bodycam footage of the encounter on Wednesday.

Facebook Has Blocked Ad Targeting By Sexual Orientation

The move has left organizations offering services to the LGBT community unable to directly target their audiences.

This Cool Baby Greeted The World With A Big Smile And Open Arms

Angel Taylor was in labor for four days and needed an emergency C-section, but her son, Sullivan, looked chill and happy when he arrived.

26 Affordable Bikinis You'll Want To Buy In Every Color

The only thing more exciting than summer weather on the horizon: gorgeous pieces of swimwear that'll barely make a dent in your wallet.

Flash Briefing For March 22, 2018

What we know about the Austin bombing suspect, India won’t tolerate Facebook’s trust issues, and a lovely springtime blizzard.

Which '80s Movie Do You Actually Belong In?

Say hello to my little quiz.

Você manja de drinks?

Se é fácil dizer qual o principal ingrediente da margarita, conta pra gente como é um negroni original.

Butter Lava Cake

Butter Lava Cake

23 Frases ofensivas y muy comunes con las que algunos mexicanos son discriminados

Si piensas que en México no existe el racismo y el clasismo, necesitas ver este post.

Mais um dia normal, com pitadas de psicopatia, no STF

Com a tensão no Supremo devido ao julgamento de Lula, Gilmar Mendes e Barroso voltam a trocar ofensas em plenário — numa versão 2.0 de seus antigos embates.

New Voting Machines Have Been Declared A National Security Priority. And Congress Looks Likely To Pay For Them.

Funding to help states replace voting machines that don't provide a paper trail was included in an omnibus spending bill after the secretary of homeland security calls replacing the machines a national security priority.

Everyone Has A '90s Nickelodeon Show That Matches Their Personality— Here's Yours

Nick Nick, Nick, Nick, na Nick Nick Nick Nick-El-O-De-On!!!

A Facebook User Just Sued Over The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

A Maryland woman said she was targeted by political ads on Facebook in the 2016 election.

22 Beautiful Color Snapshots From America's Past

"Color opens a whole new world, a whole new way of looking at and thinking about the past."

"13 Reasons Why" Is Adding A New Warning Video To Its Second Season After A Suicide Controversy

“If you are struggling with these issues yourself, this series may not be right for you, or you may want to watch it with a trusted adult,” Alisha Boe, who plays Jessica Davis, says in the video.

No veas ninguno de estos videos después de las 12:00 de la noche

Advertencia: Algunas imágenes en este artículo pueden resultar perturbadoras. Continúa bajo tu propio riesgo.

Republicans Say Their Campaigns Were Also Cambridge Analytica’s Victims

"A campaign would have to be a special kind of stupid to knowingly and willingly engage a vendor that had a hint of impropriety."

Is This Aubrey O'Day Diss Track Called "DJT" About Donald Trump Jr.?

She told a fan in 2013 the song is named for "the man I wrote the album about."

37 Things That’ll Make You Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

From flowing dresses to pimple patches to travel-sized iced coffee makers: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

19 Reasons Baby Boomers Really Fucking Suck

Sorry y'all, it's the truth!

Quão Neymar você é?

Não é tão simples assim.

Which TV Shows Have Been Renewed, Which Have Been Canceled, And Which Are We Waiting To Hear About?

Nearly all of the networks' decisions have been made — see what happened!

Do You Know Of A Company Improperly Harvesting Data? Tell Us.

BuzzFeed News is committed to revealing the misuse of consumer information — but we need your help.

Mark Zuckerberg Finally Addressed Facebook's Cambridge Analytica Scandal

"This was a breach of trust," Zuckerberg said.

A Woman Mysteriously Heard Her Late Sister’s Name In The Popular Song “Hello”…Saying Hello To Her

The moment, captured in a recording that's gone viral, has made people both cry and a bit creeped out. Either way...Hey, Kristal. Kristie says hello.

Monte um boy lixo e diremos quantos filhos você vai ter

O que será que o futuro te reserva depois de tantos boys lixo?

¿Qué tanto sabes sobre sexo gay?

Si ubicas qué es ser activo o pasivo, seguro pasas este quiz.

Trump Golf Course Near NYC Is Seeking More Foreign Workers

Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County is petitioning to hire 14 foreign guest workers, saying it can't find Americans for the jobs. The positions pay more than $14 an hour.

Which Famous Aries Shares A Birthday With You?

It's just you and the stars and the stars.

Você deveria dar uma olhada nos dados que compartilhou com apps pelo Facebook

É possível que você tenha repassado um monte de informações pessoais sem saber. Aprenda como revisar e alterar as configurações.

JK Rowling's Pottermore Has Just Sacked Loads Of Its Editorial Staff

The Harry Potter fan website, boasting millions of followers across Facebook and Twitter, made significant editorial redundancies in a reorganisation.

Aqui estão alguns argumentos para quem é chato para comer

"Não é que eu seja uma pessoa chata para comer, eu apenas tenho PRINCÍPIOS".

21 Mansplaining At Work Stories That Mansplained So Fucking Hard

"A male colleague once spent 45 minutes explaining an Excel spreadsheet to me. A spreadsheet that I created."

John Oliver Released A Parody Picture Book To Troll Mike Pence

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo is a story of love and gay marriage between the Pence family's pet rabbit and another male bunny.

Beija ou assa?

Você beija estes belos homens da ficção ou prefere comer um assado feito pelo Tasty Demais?

This Woman Perfectly Summed Up How Wildly Different People Act On Twitter And Facebook With One Pic

"If I wasn’t on birth control I’d probably get pregnant again tonight cause look at him," Bria Willingham captioned her photo on Twitter. On Facebook, she wrote something else.

23 fatos tão doidos que você vai querer confirmar todos eles no Google

Spoiler: os pernilongos mijam em você quanto te picam.

29 Things You Won't Believe Are Under $10

Skin care products, Bluetooth speakers, kitchen tools, and other products that definitely seem like they should cost more than 10 bucks...but we will take the deal, thank you.

19 Screenshots That Will Make You Feel Overwhelmingly Nostalgic

It's like being in 1996 all over again.

21 New Fashion Collections That Are Going To Make You Want To Go Shopping

New lines, collaborations, and collections you're gonna want to see.

17 Things Women Do In Movies That Are Totally Unrealistic

Have any of these people ever even MET a woman?

Es muy "de señora" tener, por lo menos, 20 de estas 38 cosas

Saca los tés de hierbas relajantes y tu cobija favorita, es hora de descansar.

Você daria conta de namorar uma pessoa tímida?

É um privilégio para poucos.

Celebridades que vão fazer você amar seu cabelo crespo

Prepare-se para algumas imagens inspiradoras e *tudo de bom*

20 Imágenes que son tan cagadas como confusas

Cuanto más las ves, mejor se pone.

Here Are The Most Intense Snowstorms To Ever Hit New York City

A look back at some of the most intense and breathtaking snowstorms in New York City history.

Comment l'annulation d'un débat à Sciences Po a été utilisée pour dénigrer des militantes féministes

Le chroniqueur Raphaël Enthoven et Le Figaro assurent que les menaces de militantes féministes ont provoqué l'annulation d'une conférence sur #BalanceTonPorc. Des accusations que contestent les associations féministes.

13 Simple Ways To Make People Love Talking To You

There are more subtle skills than just being a good listener.

This Company Sells All Its Bridesmaids Dresses For $99 And They're Actually Cute

Finally, a dress your bridal party won't resent you for making them buy.

21 Memes que prueban que 'Infinity War' no es el 'crossover' más ambicioso de la historia

¿A caso ya se les olvidó la vez que Michael Jordan jugó basquet con los Looney Tunes?

19 Stylish & Comfy Pairs Of Sandals Our Readers Actually Swear By

Options for hiking, beaching, dancing, chilling, and everything in-between.

Do You Eat These Foods With A Fork Or Spoon?

This debate needs to be settled once and for all.

5 Reasons Not To Sleep On The New Netflix Teen Show With An All-PoC Cast

It's an irreverent teen comedy-drama with a main cast entirely made up of people of color. And it's pretty great.

The Supreme Court Just Sided With Criminal Defendants In Two Cases

Justices rejected a higher standard set by a court for inmates seeking funds to challenge their conviction and a lower standard sought by the government for convicting people of obstructing IRS investigations.

What Are The Most Problematic Moments In "How I Met Your Mother?"

Not so much legendary as really problematic, tbh.

Nenhuma pessoa rica vai bem neste teste do BuzzFeed

♫ Se teu hobby é parcelar ♫

34 coisinhas irritantes que deixam quase todas mulheres morrendo de raiva

Ir ao banheiro com a bolsa e ouvir alguém perguntar: "Mas já tá indo embora?"

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on an egg cooker, a makeup brush set, a memory foam travel pillow, Himalayan salt night lights, and more!

Poetry: "which art? what fact?"

"what histories are natural & what artifacts art? / how do we decide the borders of a country / or an era or a solar system? when did we decide / our planet meant only this collection of green?"

15 ameaças perigosíssimas para a heterossexualidade de um homem

Cuidado ao receber um "amei" no Facebook ou ser elogiado por outro cara.

How Finding The Perfect Notebook Made Me Less Anxious About The Future

These beautiful German notebooks are the only notebooks I want to write in for the rest of my life.

¡Apúntate a la nueva newsletter semanal de LOLA!

El mejor contenido feminista directísimo a tu bandeja de entrada.

21 segredos dos bastidores da série "O Vestido Ideal"

Sim, o estoque da loja é IMENSO e incrível.

Diese tierisch guten Pfannkuchen sind das perfekte Frühstück für Groß und Klein

Die sind fast zu süß, um sie zu essen. Noch mehr fantastische Frühstücksideen gibt's auf YouTube und Pinterest.

22 Fictional Characters Who Are Totally, 100000000% Aries

DISCLAIMER: These are fictional characters who I just think ACT like Aries. They may or may not actually be fictional Aries.

28 Products For People Who Take April Fools' Day Seriously

April Fools' Day may be filled with gags and pranks, but these products are no joke.

Esta imagen fue editada para poner en duda la sexualidad de Ricardo Anaya #Verificado2018

La fotografía originalmente fue tomada en 2014 y pertenece a un blog de viajes.



20 nervige Filmklischees, die es immer wieder schaffen, Leute anzupissen

Warum bedeckt die Bettdecke immer nur ihren Oberkörper, aber nie seinen?

Here's What We Know About The Austin Package Bomber

Mark Anthony Conditt from Pflugerville, Texas, has been identified as the package bomber who rocked Austin. He died when he detonated an explosive during a confrontation with police on Wednesday.

Cuadros docentes: cómo el arte clásico resume a la perfección el día a día de los profesores

El hashtag #cuadrosdocentes reúne la rutina de los profesores en clave de humor.

People Are Dragging A Woman For Posting An Offensive Instagram Caption About A Girl In Kenya

The woman tried to defend herself by listing the humanitarian work she has done in Nairobi and calling herself a hero.

35 kleine, aber ärgerliche Dinge, die Frauen ein kleines bisschen wahnsinnig machen

Einen Jumpsuit tragen und dich zum Pinkeln komplett ausziehen müssen.

If You Check 36/45 Things Off This List, You’re A Total Beauty Junkie

How many of these products do you REALLY own?

Only A "Friends" Superfan Will BE Able To Complete 9/12 Of These Quotes

So, no one told you this quiz was gonna be this way.

Sonia Mariam Thomas • 5 hours ago

Nem adianta tentar mudar o jogo, o "BBB18" já é da Gleici

Inclui imagens do Tiago Leifert pedindo pra torcida não gritar o nome dela na plateia.

62 Slightly Weird Thoughts Every Woman Has Had While In The Shower

"My hair swirls are strangely beautiful. This is art."

Diese 18 Fotos definieren Deutschland mehr, als uns allen lieb ist

Das neue „Deutsche...”-Meme ist das Lustigste, das du heute im deutschen Internet lesen wirst

18 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A set of cute cat pens, a pedal exerciser, a shampoo brush, and 15 other favorite products from our recent posts.

21 Tattoo-Fails, die so witzig sind, dass du um Gnade winselst

Das Nickelback-Tattoo ist noch das beste von allen ...

India Just Warned Mark Zuckerberg That It Won’t Tolerate Foreign Firms Using Facebook To Influence Elections

India's IT minister also accused the main opposition party of having links with Cambridge Analytica.

Dieser Mama wurde bei der Geburt klar, dass ihr Baby Down-Syndrom hat und die Bilder sind herzerwärmend

Amber Rojas begriff bei der Geburt, dass ihr Neugeborenes das Down-Syndrom hat und besondere Fürsorge brauchen wird.



11 astuces ménagères que tout le monde devrait connaître

Le cola est un excellent nettoyant pour les cuvettes de toilette, sachez-le.

The Austin Package Bomber Died In A Car Explosion After A Police Pursuit

As SWAT team members approached his vehicle on foot, the 23-year-old detonated a bomb, killing him and injuring one officer.

Quel sport devriez-vous, femme délicate, pratiquer ?

Les sports ne peuvent être pratiqués par les femmes que s'ils sont calmes et sexy.

These 9 Questions Will Tell You What Cartoon Character You're Most Like

Are you more a Bugs Bunny or a Charlie Brown?





One Of The Last Anti-Abortion Democrats In Congress Just Beat A Progressive Challenger

Rep. Dan Lipinski won the Democratic primary in Illinois’s 3rd Congressional District in a close race with a progressive challenger amid the party’s internal wrangling about whether Democrats need a litmus test on abortion.

Victorian Labor Had To Pay $388,000 Back To The Taxpayer After Trying To Replicate Obama’s Campaign Style

The Labor Party in Victoria has repaid the $388,000 in misused taxpayer funding.

Australia's Version Of "The Daily Show" Called A Politician A C*nt And People Are Upset

The ABC's Tonightly program suggested an Australian Conservatives candidate's campaign poster should be changed to read "Kevin Bailey is a c*nt".

This Couple’s Wedding Was Interrupted By A Cyclone And Frankly It's Amazing

You know what they can weather all storms.

Your Snack Preferences Will Reveal Which "Breakfast Club" Character You Are

"Screws fall out all the time. The world is an imperfect place."



24 Pairs Of Sunglasses That People Won't Believe You Got On Amazon

Yes I bought these shades from Amazon. Deal with it.

お花見弁当に♪ 春のおにぎり2種






Police Want To Block The Brother Of The Suspected Parkland School Shooter From Owning A Gun

The suspected shooter's brother was arrested Monday on suspicion of trespassing at the school where 17 people were killed last month.

Esta es la historia de Yesica Celene, la mujer asesinada por su ex pareja en Reforma 222

Era conocida como La China y su mundo era trabajar y pasear con su hijo.







Hay personas en la CDMX atrapando palomas con una red en la calle y necesitamos respuestas

En un video se puede ver cómo las capturan en cuestión de segundos y se las llevan como si nada.

Flash Briefing For March 21, 2018

Another school shooting, a Facebook quiz may have swayed the election, the last male northern white rhino died, and not one, but *two* new Mister Rogers movies.

26 Places That Prove Melbourne Is Truly The Food Capital Of The World

Melbourne is a city of amazing foods where all parts of the world are represented.

African Communities Want Australian Politicians To Stop Talking About The So-Called "African Gang Crisis"

They say it's encouraging racial taunts and violence on the streets.

21 Movies That Are Old Enough To Legally Drink This Year

Romy and Michele have been out of high school for 31 years...

17 Veces en las que los mexicanos mejoraron el español en un 1000%

Tierra mágica donde las caguamas son cervezas y también tortugas gigantes.

Los 20 jerseys de la Selección, del 94 a 2018, ordenados del más feo al más bonito

Desde la que tenía la Piedra del Sol hasta la de Charlie Brown.

Este quiz te dirá cuál es tu porcentaje de felicidad

Si tuvieras la oportunidad de abandonarlo todo en estos momentos e irte a vivir a otro país, ¿lo harías? :O

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