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Ask This Quiz Any Question You Want And You'll Get The Answer You Need

It's truth time.

Here's how this quiz works: Think of a "yes" or "no" question you desperately want the answer to.


The question could be anything, from advice you really need ("Should I move?" "Should I get a new job?") to a simple truth you want revealed ("Does my crush like me back?"). Whatever you want to know, this quiz has the answer.


Before you take the quiz, repeat the question you're asking three times in your head. DO NOT SAY IT OUT LOUD, because magic.


In just eight simple questions, this quiz will give you the answer you seek. Let's begin.

  1. Pick a natural element:

  2. Pick a candle to blow out:

  3. Pick the weather that matches your mood right now:

  4. Pick rock, paper, or scissors:

  5. Pick the tree that speaks to you:

  6. Pick a lucky number:

  7. Pick a majestic sea creature:

  8. And finally, pick a crystal ball to stare into as you repeat your question one more time...

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