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    Texas Roadhouse And Outback Steakhouse Are Feuding On Twitter With Spongebob Memes, And IDK Anymore

    The steak shade is real.

    Here's a fact that the internet knows to be universal and true: Spongebob memes rule all.


    Well, at 6 a.m. on the unassuming morning of March 20, 2018, Texas Roadhouse entered a shady feud with Outback Steakhouse when they retweeted Exhibit A, this Krusty Krab v. Chum Bucket meme.

    And not wanting to go out without a fight, Outback Steakhouse replied to the tweet with Exhibit B, a Savage Patrick meme (also known as Evil Patrick or Angry Patrick).

    Still not done internet fighting, Texas Roadhouse hit Outback where it hurts.

    Which then led to Outback bringing the big guns in with a tried-and-true Kermit meme.

    Of course, like any battle, there were those who took sides:

    @Gamecock_Tim / @HJhughes79 / @TimGrossBNN

    Those who took no sides:

    Those who made jokes:

    @Outback @texasroadhouse Aye y’all look, outback and Texas Roadhouse got beef ...

    And then those who just had a lot of feelings about pizza:

    But, in the end, more than any other tweet, Logan's Roadhouse's said it all:

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