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    19 Screenshots That Will Make You Feel Overwhelmingly Nostalgic

    It's like being in 1996 all over again.

    1. Netscape was what all the cool kids used. Only casuals would be caught using Internet Explorer.

    2. Encarta was your Wikipedia:

    3. And this was your Photoshop:

    4. This was how you listened to CDs:

    5. And this was for MP3s:

    6. This was how you got online:

    7. And even though you never really knew what defragging did, you were told it was important, so you did it anyways:

    8. This was the choicest background:

    9. You could never settle on the best cards for solitaire:

    10. Google didn't exist, but there were plenty of precursors:

    11. You'll never forget the sounds of ICQ:

    12. You committed your first cybercrime using Napster:

    13. You never fully grasped the rules of Hearts:

    14. And you always quit Minesweeper in frustration as soon as you lost, which was usually the first time you played:

    15. The built-in screensavers were THE BEST:

    16. You used your "evaluation version" on WinZip to get your files as small as possible so they'd fit on fewer floppy disks:

    17. You marveled the first time you saw a hard drive with over 1GB on it. SO MUCH SPACE!

    18. Your first gaming addiction was called Chip's Challenge:

    19. And at one absurd point in time, you absolutely HAD TO wait for this message before you could turn off your computer:

    This post was translated from German.