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19 Screenshots That Will Make You Feel Overwhelmingly Nostalgic

It's like being in 1996 all over again.

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Philipp Jahner / BuzzFeed

1. Netscape was what all the cool kids used. Only casuals would be caught using Internet Explorer.

Netscape / Via

2. Encarta was your Wikipedia:

Microsoft / Via

3. And this was your Photoshop:

Microsoft / Via

4. This was how you listened to CDs:

Microsoft / Via

5. And this was for MP3s:

6. This was how you got online:

Microsoft / Via

7. And even though you never really knew what defragging did, you were told it was important, so you did it anyways:

Microsoft / Via

8. This was the choicest background:

Microsoft / Via

9. You could never settle on the best cards for solitaire:

Microsoft / Via

10. Google didn't exist, but there were plenty of precursors:

11. You'll never forget the sounds of ICQ:


12. You committed your first cybercrime using Napster:

Shawn Fanning, Sean Parker

13. You never fully grasped the rules of Hearts:

Microsoft / Via

14. And you always quit Minesweeper in frustration as soon as you lost, which was usually the first time you played:


15. The built-in screensavers were THE BEST:

Microsoft / Via

16. You used your "evaluation version" on WinZip to get your files as small as possible so they'd fit on fewer floppy disks:

17. You marveled the first time you saw a hard drive with over 1GB on it. SO MUCH SPACE!

Microsoft / Via

18. Your first gaming addiction was called Chip's Challenge:

phenomedia publishing / Via

19. And at one absurd point in time, you absolutely HAD TO wait for this message before you could turn off your computer:


This post was translated from German.

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