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17 Things Women Do In Movies That Are Totally Unrealistic

Have any of these people ever even MET a woman?

1. Take off their glasses and suddenly become unrecognisably attractive.

2. Never wear a jacket so that a boy can give one to them.

3. Have their entire personality be that they're closed off and unemotional...all until they meet the right man.

4. Eat food in a sensual manner.

5. Pensively rub lotion on their hands before getting into bed.

Why do women in movies always sit in bed and put on hand lotion before falling asleep? Is this something everyone’s…

It's like all of Hollywood is in on one loooong-running hand cream advert.

6. Wake up in the morning looking like they have a full face of makeup on.

7. Randomly misunderstand little things and completely blow them out of proportion.

8. Enjoy being told "you're not like other girls".

9. Work only as journalists or in the fashion industry.

10. Say that they learned to fight because they grew up with older brothers.

11. Always orgasm through penetrative sex.

12. Walk around in oversized men's button-down shirts after sex, rather than, like, a T-shirt.

13. Spend all their time together just talking about men.

14. Maintain their flawless makeup even in post-apocalyptic chaos.

15. Not to mention, find the time and resources to shave their legs and armpits, and pluck their eyebrows.

16. Make out with each other just to turn a guy on.

17. Compete with each other from the moment they meet.