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    17 Texts You'd Only Get From Your Mom After You Move Out

    "What is a tie pod?"

    1. When she pulls a surprise visit:

    2. When she can't pass up a good joke:

    3. When she gives you a minor warning:

    4. When she shows you what you're missing:

    5. When she has an opinion about everything:

    6. When you visit her in her dreams:

    7. When you forget to respond to her calls:

    8. When she does a little too much:

    9. When you're tasked with fixing her technology from 3,000 miles away:

    10. When she has a burning question:

    11. When she live-texts her dog's life:

    12. When she gives you one or 20 reminders to call her:

    13. When she should have just named you Google:

    14. When she tracks your hunger:

    15. When she never stops worrying:

    16. Literally....never:

    17. And finally, when she lets you know just how much you mean to her: