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Are You A Disney Character Lookalike? Show Us!

Come one, come all!

They say that everybody has a doppelgänger — a person somewhere in the world who looks just like you.


But sometimes, that doppelgänger isn't a real person at all.

lou.d.04 / Via

So today we want to see people who are total Disney character lookalikes:

sugarxndspice / Via


Maybe you've always been told that you're the spitting image of Aurora:

meg_vic / Via

Or perhaps you've got Ariel's red hair and bright eyes:

crzyfuckngemini / Via

You might have been mistaken in public for Kristoff:

elisakevi / Via



jennabaranek / Via

After her golden locks were chopped, that is.

Or even Flynn Rider:

wulfwife / Via

But can you do the smolder, tho?

Or maybe your new haircut makes you look like a Disney character you totally weren't expecting at all:

Whatever Disney character you look like, we want to see! Show us in the Dropbox below — by uploading either a side-by-side of you and the character you look like, or just a photo of yourself (plus the name of the character you look like) — and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!