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March 11, 2018

Ahh, luxury.

Lettuce eat!

The single remaining private provider couldn't help her, nor could the hospital, so she paid more than $4,000 to have the termination interstate.

Not all rats are subway rats.

"Yeah breakups suck but have you ever left your to-go box on the table of a restaurant?"

Stickers say a lot about you!

Trouble focusing? Listen to Baroque music and rub some rosemary oil on your pulse points.

These kids' parents: "Why did we come here? WHY?!?!"

Because you definitely don't know how to pronounce it.


I believe.

Would you like some sparkling water or is tap alright?

An icon, truly.

First impressions are everything!


"You're an adult now, you can book your own doctor's appointments."

"OMG it's like lavender and sugar cookie and a hug all rolled into one."

When movie magic doesn't work.

No matter your budget, now you won't have an excuse as to why your cooking supplies only consist of a dozen reusable storage containers with no lids, a glass beer mug you won in college at the Chico Debate Tournament, and wooden takeout chopsticks.

"I'm here for my color appointment. Can I leave my sweater on? I'm cold."

"We have all learned a lot from Buffy, and the best part is, that never ends."

I spy with my little eye...

Husband-wife clapbacks are iconic.

Clearly, everyone's worked at Paper Source except for me.

I was more than happy to do some damage to an arrogant man known for racially charged language. Then something changed.

What body part is every human in Ratatouille missing?

"Killer hair :)"


When was the last time you cleaned your fridge? Be honest.

Everyone's a winner.

But it's totally worth it, swear.

Body of art, indeed.

Life comes at you fast, so eat accordingly.

The Krusty Krab pizza, is the pizza, for you and me.

Let's take it back to the '80s.

No offense to sheep, of course.

It's never too soon to know.

Life's nothin' without muffins!

The nose knows.

Things fitting into other things is my sexual preference.

Listen up, fans.

The real MVPs.

Two of the most influential rappers of all time -- but are you team Westside or Eastside??

Are you pretty chill or actually not chill at all?

Be our guest!

What does your future have in store?

If Conor Lamb wins his Pennsylvania special election Tuesday, his campaign could be a blueprint for Democrats around the country trying to win in conservative districts.

"Thanks, mom."

The secret's in the sleep!

Anderson Cooper interviewed the adult film performer and director on Thursday. CBS plans to air the interview next Sunday, March 18.

"When you wash a spoon and it wash you back."

"I wasn’t allowed to watch 'The Lion King' because my mom didn’t like premeditated murder."

Be good to your home and it'll be good to you, too.

Latina love all around.

Mom brain, Google it.

We know exactly when you're cleanest.

Oh my word is that...a bank account with an overdraft? That's hot.

The holy grail of skincare.

Let's get ~nutritional~.

Hint: Not so much at all.

A random assortment of things that say, "hellooo, buy me!"

Fentanyl now kills more people in the US than any other drug. It seems to have started with 14 overdoses in Rhode Island in 2013.

~ Please be bacon. ~

Don't knock it 'til you try it.

Victorians were dying to get their hands on green products– and actually dying because of them!

Ain't nobody got time for shoes left out and about.


"I think what we’re seeing from Russia Today at times goes beyond objective journalism from what I’ve seen," John McDonnell said.

You always had pranks played on you and you're still fuming.


We're *never* wrong.

Is it a pixie cut or is your hair down to your butt?

Marina Litvinenko, whose husband Alexander was probably killed on the orders of Vladimir Putin according to an inquiry, also says the Conservatives should return donations it has received from wealthy Russian donors since 2016.


I know what you did last summer!



FYI I do not.

Pero LOL.


Por supuesto, todas ellas son también divertidas.




Build a snack to get a snack.

"Once Rannvijay told me, 'Yaar, your looks are for radio, yaar!"


Mmm, carbs and travel.

Info BuzzFeed News - Davy Rodriguez, numéro 2 du Front national de la Jeunesse et assistant de Marine Le Pen, a été filmé à la sortie d'un bar à Lille. Dans une vidéo postée sur Twitter on le voit s'énerver devant un bar, le videur qui témoigne en vidéo auprès de BuzzFeed News, évoque des insultes. Davy Rodriguez nie avoir tenu des propos racistes et parle d'une «cabale politique». Le parquet de Lille ouvre une enquête.

Make your dreams come true!

No collusion.


How many of these 75 shows defined your childhood??




It's your last it right.

Are you designing clothes or judging America's Got Talent?

"Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life's problems."



It was a lot of ~drama~.

新生活に向け、お部屋をすっきり片付けたい? 不要なもの・保管しておくものをキレイにまとめられる、超便利な道具があるんです。

It's scientific, bible!

My sweet summer child.

Just remember that the wand chooses the wizard!

Your taste in movies says a lot about you.

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