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    19 Stylish & Comfy Pairs Of Sandals Our Readers Actually Swear By

    Options for hiking, beaching, dancing, chilling, and everything in-between.

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    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite comfortable sandals, and here are the results!

    1. Leather Crocs mini-wedges that nobody will guess are actually, well, Crocs.

    I work in retail and I’m on my feet all day. Last year I discovered the “Leigh-Ann” ankle strap sandal from Crocs and it was like hitting the comfort but trendy jackpot. The shoe is contoured to give great support and has a shock absorbent rubber sole. —jennag4917ec17e

    Get them from Crocs for $64.99 (two colors available), or from Amazon for $29.49+ (four colors available in select sizes at varying prices).

    2. Super flexible Saltwater sandals that can take you on a weekend beach trip AND backpacking through another country.

    denisem41821592a /

    Saltwater sandals! The day after I got them I did a 5K walk and had no blisters or problems at all. They carried me on a backpacking trip though SE Asia and still look good. Bonus: they're super cute and you can get them in a ton of colours.


    They’re the comfiest shoes and they’re meant to get wet. They're durable and form to your feet quickly. —alit404bd1c30

    P.S. to break them in, first get them good and wet, then wear them to walk around until they dry. And if you're headed to the beach and still need a swimsuit, there are lots of places to buy 'em online.

    Get them from Modcloth for $45 (5 colors available, UK sizes 4-9, which translates to US sizes 6-11).

    3. Minimalist Michael Michael Kors shoes that won't start to pester you when you're having a blast on a date at your local beirgarten.

    Nordstrom /

    Michael Michael Kors "Sondra" sandals are life! Simple and stylish for any occasion, a bunch of colors for every outfit, and comfortable enough to walk around a city all day! I buy a new pair in a new color every year!


    Although the specific Sondra sandals seem to be sold out everywhere (for now, at least), you can get a similar style from Michael Michael Kors on Nordstrom for $78.95 (temporarily marked down to $59.21) — three colors available, sizes 5.5-10.

    4. A pair of super-supportive Birkenstocks, whether you try the classic Arionzas (socks, um, up to you)...

    In the PNW (Pacific Northwest), it’s acceptable to wear them year 'round. —heatherl48707a22c

    I love my Birkenstocks. I know they make me look like the crunchiest hippie on the planet, but I don't care. I've had them for 10 years and they're still incredibly comfortable. I even wore those bad boys all day walking around Epcot (like 25,000 steps) and my feet felt great. Best $100 I've ever spent.


    Get a similar pair from Birkenstock for $125 (two colors and sizes 4-12.5 available; including narrow options).

    5. ...Or one of their trendier styles, like the simple slide-ons, they'll last through years of hikes, vacations, and whatever else life throws at you.

    mollys494944a0a /

    If you need the holy grail of shoes-get yourself a pair of these babies. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? One hundred percent. My trusty Birks have been with me through the long run and are still in tip top shape. They have traveled the world with me and I trust no shoe more than these.mollys494944a0a

    Any Birkenstock sandal. I brought them to Europe last year, and switched between the two pairs I packed walking around London, Paris and Barcelona from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. No discomfort at all. Arizonas are the most popular, but honestly you can't go wrong.


    Get a similar pair from Birkenstock for $79.95 (four colors and sizes 4-12.5 available, including narrow options).

    6. A rose-gold cork bed sandal from Target perfect for cheering on your friend as she finishes her first marathon then gallivanting off to a celebration brunch.

    These $23 sandals from Target are AMAZING. They have great arch support and the straps are nice and sturdy. I’ve had mine for years and I wear them constantly. 10/10 would recommend.kaylinm4f7523008

    Get them from Target for $22.99 (4 colors available, sizes 5-12, including wide options).

    7. Classic Tevas that'll make your feet smile whether you're walking the dog or doing some light hiking on your favorite trails.

    baileycbran /

    Tevas hands down!! They make my feet so happy, last forever, and they're very affordable. One of my very favorite brands!baileycbran

    I've had my Teva sandals for almost 5 years and they're still in great shape. I've walked many miles in them and they are super comfy.


    Get them from Teva for $50 (11 colors available) or from Amazon for $16.99+ (21 colors available in select sizes at varying prices).

    8. And strappy slip-on Tevas you can wear to walk the whole boardwalk from end to end, stopping at all your favorite vendors or just to admire the ocean for a bit.

    samanthaa41860a2a7 /

    Teva sandals! They are so cute and extremely comfortable!!! —samanthaa41860a2a7

    Get them from Teva for $25 (15 colors available), or on Amazon for $11.23+ (36 colors available in select sizes at varying prices).

    9. Dr. Scholl's mini-wedges you can dance in through your cousin's entire wedding reception, and never think about taking off even once.

    10. Cushy Sanuk yoga slings that you can wear with a sun dress to lounge in the park, then comfortably walk in to the library to browse for a new read.

    Hands down. Made out of yoga mats and t-shirt fabric, there's nothing more cushiony for your feet. They hold up well on a long walk, and are great at the beach because there are no buckles or ties to get sand stuck in. Lovely lovely Sanuk.


    Get them from Sanuk for $36, $38, or $50 (depending on the style; 55 styles and colors available, sizes 5-11).

    11. Or the Sketchers meditation sandals that'll solve all your problems if you like the feeling of flip-flop soles, but don't like the flip-flop noise.

    I have the solid black pair and they’re all I wore to work last summer. SO comfy!


    And if you still like to have flip-flops around, Amazon has some good options.

    Get them on Amazon for $17.32+ (17 colors available in select sizes at varying prices).

    12. Flat MIA Tia sandals so you can run errands in the afternoon, go out to eat, then stand in line for a movie ticket — all without batting an eye.

    Funny story: I bought these last year and loved them so much. About a month later I lost one of them, looked everywhere and couldn’t find it! So I looked online to re-purchase them and couldn’t find them anywhere. It was like they never existed. I moved on, and bought some new sandals, but none were the same as my MIA Shoes. Then, 2 weeks ago I had the sudden desire to check the MIA website and sure enough they were back in stock! I ordered two pairs and they came yesterday. They look just like simple sandals but they are so cute and comfortable!violett4714cd0a3

    Get them from MIA for $39 (4 colors available, sizes 6.5-8.5 and 10), or on Amazon for $19.97+ (4 colors available in select sizes at varying prices).

    13. Cushioned sandals from G.H. Bass that have soft leather straps so you can hit every landmark on your European vacation without your feet hurting even once.

    These shoes got me through all day sightseeing and endless walking in Paris, Rome, and Athens! They have thick rubber sole so you don’t feel cobblestone, are super soft and comfortable, and have great arch support!


    Get them from G. H. Bass for $44.99 (3 colors available, sizes 5-11).

    14. Soft White Mountain suede sandals that'll be the only shoes you need to bring on a weekend getaway to your favorite small town.

    White Mountain Shoes

    White Mountain sandals! They have so many styles that are similar to Birks, but don't need to be broken in like Birkenstocks do. They're insanely comfortable from the first time you wear them, and they're cheaper while still being good quality.


    Get them from White Mountain Shoes for $53.88 (three colors available, sizes 7-11).

    15. Foam flatform Tevas for the days when you're feeling fashion but your feet insist on the ultimate comfort.

    Teva /

    Platform Tevas: comfy and practical but stylish enough to wear to school and work.


    Get them from Teva for $30.99-$85, depending on the color, height, and pattern (11 styles available in sizes 5-11).

    16. Or a velvet version that you can layer up with socks through the cooler parts of spring (and later, fall).

    And also because velvet.

    Get them from Teva for $63.99 (2 colors available in sizes 5-11).

    17. National-park-worthy Chacos made for true comfort whether you're hiking just for a day or camping for a week.

    hannahb45c3481fb /

    Chaco sandals are the best! I've worked at a summer camp for several years and these are the only shoes I've ever worn that won't hurt my feet after 13 straight hours of running around. They also last forever and have a great system where if they break or wear down you can often get it fixed or replaced for cheap or even free! —hannahb45c3481fb

    Chacos. Hands down. They are so comfy, and they last forever. I’ve had a pair for 4 years and they’re just staring to wear out. But luckily, Chaco will resole and restrap the shoes for you. They also have arch support, and they’re accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.


    Yep, they will repair their shoes, for a fee + shipping charges. Get them from Chacos for $100+ — they have a variety of styles available, many customizable, in sizes 5-12.

    18. Cushioned Earth Spirit sandals that'll let you spend a Saturday waiting in line for and riding loop-de-loop roller coasters with your friends, without bugging your feet one bit.

    Earth Spirit sandals from Walmart. I bought a pair once because I needed new sandals quickly, and now they are my favorite. I walk a lot, and these always keep my feet cool and comfortable. —Samantha Hoover, Facebook

    YES. These are amazing sandals. There are a couple of styles that I'll buy in multiples when I find them. I tend to wear through a pair in about six months, but I walk A LOT. —Rae Crothers, Facebook

    Get the pictured pair from Walmart for $19.82 (currently available in sizes 6.5 and 7.5-11), or browse all the Earth Spirit styles also at Walmart, $14.82+.

    19. Supportive Taos sandals that you can slip on in the morning and walk in all day — without having to worry about blisters or sore soles.

    You, now that your feet are no longer squished, rubbed or poked by uncomfortable sandals:

    Warner Bros.

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