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March 24, 2018

It's weird how your brain records EVERYTHING.

Happy masking!

Registering young people to vote was a top priority for the thousands of people who rallied across the US Saturday as part of the March for Our Lives protests against gun violence.

Tell us how you feel about Comic Sans.

Go on and tend to your fields.

It's just our opinion but also a fact.

Every item counts!

Your faves recommending their faves!

All you need is ice cream and a great movie!

Celine deserves it, though.

Do your thing on the runway!

"I represent the African-American women who are victims of gun violence, who are simply statistics instead of vibrant, beautiful girls full of potential," Naomi Wadler said at the March for Our Lives.

Bet you can't get 10/10!

How many unwitting sailors have you lured to their deaths?

One March for Our lives rally, in West Palm Beach, Florida, got as close as possible to President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he was spending the weekend while hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated.

Let's settle this LaCroix debate once and for all.

Snoop cried when he watched Coach Snoop just like we all did.

So many good pups.

We've all been there.

Love, life, and lipstick.

Hope you're hungry!

Are you keeping up with Kourt or in formation with Bey?

Children of all ages marched for their lives around the world.


"Bills: Is this your paycheck?!"

"Since the time that I came out here, it has been 6 minutes and 20 seconds," said González. The shooting in Parkland lasted that period of time.

Somewhat scary, but always hilarious.

Nicholas Dworet would have turned 18 on Saturday.

"My grandfather had a dream that his four little children will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream that enough is enough," Yolanda Renee King said.

Tag your lying parents.

Music meets ink.

Are you an expert braider?

Are you team Bughead or team Varchie?


What's best for you right now?

Who's that girl? Who's that girl? It's Jess!

Bright colors? For spring? Groundbreaking.

“I should be worrying about APs and finals, not AR-15s in school.”

It's every kid's dream!

Gym. Tan. Raise my baby.

So bright. So beautiful. 🌈

When moms win, we win good.

Why am I telling you this?

Make your big day go as smoothly as possible.

Young people need to know that if you protest violence in this country, some will think you're protesting the country itself — and you will be met with violence.

The Broadway stars sang "Found/Tonight," a mashup of two songs from Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen that was written to benefit the march.

These names are au naturel.

Movie buffs gather round.

It's for science!!!!!!!!!!!

These streets will make you feel brand new!

Laugh/shudder along.

Let's bring out the chef in you.

"How can we be the future if we never live long enough to get there?"

"That ended up being a tough discussion."

Because we're all a little sugar and a little spice.

Get rich or bullet journal trying.

"When you're almost done pumping, you know what's next...WINE. ALWAYS WINE."

I'd 100% still eat all of these.

What stage are you at?

"Look, I'll get controversial."

The salad knows all.

Not all recipes are created equal.


And how to fix 'em.

There's no business like show business!

April showers bring May travels.

"Bieber was in a bad place."

"Very excited to announce that I am officially a lost cause!"

No need for extreme couponing.

What kind of spectre has been following you around?

Including pastel-colored bicycles, fridge bin liners, Hermione Granger-inspired t-shirts, and more! Much more!


Cute and functional!

Nothing but respect for OUR favorite show on Food Network.

We call that peapod outfit next year.

Mariah Nonnemacher, 26, says she was told by a manager: "I am really sorry to tell you that ... it turns out that you were dressed provocatively with a plunging neckline."

“Not many people in the acting scene help or open doors, unlike music," said one actor. "First time I've ever seen this… He's the type of people we need.”

The rallies — inspired by the students who survived the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida — drew hundreds of thousands of people in cities across the US.



Have you seen The Incredibles and Inside Out?



新作「カップヌードル スキヤキ ビッグ」に温玉入れたらマジで最高!


Your food heaven will reveal your food hell.

French president Emmanuel Macron said Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame died a "hero".



Esto te dará un hambre increíble.


「さよなら」は別れじゃなくて 果てない愛の約束


México ganó 3-0, pero los islandeses se ganaron nuestro corazón.

The Kansas waterslide billed as the world's tallest was rushed into use “in a spur-of-the-moment bid to impress producers” of a TV show, a grand jury indictment alleges.

The 17-year-old was suspended from school for two days after an aide for a Nevada congressman called his school and complained.








The church said that it first learned about the allegations in 2010, but did not take disciplinary action against the official after he denied wrongdoing.

You've always been so much more than a mortal.

The White House rescinded Trump's previous memorandum in August banning transgender service in the military, but kept the ban in place with some exceptions.

Oh boy!

Protestaron por el feminicidio de Yesica Celene, quien fue asesinada por su expareja el 19 de marzo en este centro comercial.


Maldito Photoshop.

"They got a cherry pie there that'll kill you!"

"I didn't know March For Our Lives was a thing until it applied directly to me," said one 17-year-old senior at Great Mills High School.

Everyday is Halloween.

Shitty internet connection won't stop Clandestina from going global.

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