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March 23, 2018

All it takes is faith, trust, and Floo Powder.

Sean Phillips rushed to give aid just after a package bomb tore into his neighbor, Anthony House, who eventually died of his injuries.

On a scale of 1 - 10, how likely am I to get arrested for stealing this dog?

BuzzFeed News interviewed all the original members of the Fab Five about the Netflix reboot and how much has changed since their show first aired: "Thank god there’s still some queer people in your living room.”

**Blood pressure skyrockets**

You're welcome.

Aunque las mujeres tienen derecho a interrumpir su embarazo en la CDMX, el personal de la salud podrá actuar conforme sus valores.

Are you rustic chic? Minimalist? Or something in between?

Míralos aquí.

First discovered in 2003, this tiny skeleton — only six inches long — has been speculated to be a mummified fetus, the remains of a human child with dwarfism, a monkey, or even, ahem, an alien.

As people tweet their outrage about the social network, online spammers come along for the ride.

Facebook's CEO is an unelected oligarch. When Democrats retake the House, we must hold him accountable.

Relatives reported the family from Creston, Iowa, missing after they didn't return from a vacation in Quintana Roo.

The woman is suing the music mogul for $10 million, alleging that he raped her after meeting her with her elementary school–aged son.

Even if you fail, you still get to look at 69 photos of Jeff Goldblum!

You'll be cooking like you're on the ranch in no time.

Is pigeon poaching a thing now?

The real issue dividing our nation.

Whether your hair is curly or straight, thick or thin, frizzy or oil-prone, people will genuinely think you have a glam team at home getting you ready every morning.

Hermione or Luna?

Las cuentas mexicanas de McDonald's, Subway, Burger King y Carls Jr. lucharán de dos a tres caídas sin limite de tiempo.

"Sportin' Waves"

El episodio se llama "El Corsario" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

O boletim de ocorrência acusa os jovens de calúnia.

¿Sí lo logras o vas a tener que pedir prestado?


You don't even need a time machine to enjoy these old school looks.

Did you SMS each other after a Black Eyed Peas concert?

"O que acontece quando qualquer um pode fazer com que pareça que qualquer coisa aconteceu, independente de ter acontecido ou não?"

"It’s so refreshing to see Christina Aguilera on TV, not holding a box of Oreos."

Because you can do bad all by yourself.

"Please can I be absolutely clear: we did not use any GSR data in the work we did in the 2016 US presidential election," Cambridge Analytica acting CEO Alexander Tayler said in an email to press.


Here's what happened.

It would reverse the position held by the Obama and Trump administrations by defining what constitutes a fully automatic machine gun.

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

"We're actively looking forward to making a bid for the 2020 Democratic National Convention," said DuBose Porter, chair of the Georgia Democratic Party.

Perfeito para quem segue uma dieta livre de lactose!

Procurador-geral de Justiça fluminense enviou reclamação ao CNMP para garantir que investigações do crime fiquem sob o comando das autoridades locais.

Greenlight a show with just these ladies ASAP!

The NRA didn’t get so powerful by just handing politicians money. This is how they do it.

Um, excuse me? I also will get off this plane.

Oba, cookies!

E vai derreter na sua boca.

The man allegedly also told two of Rep. Scott Taylor's staff members at a district office: "You two are next."

Enjoy your weekend.

Did you know Rob Lowe almost played Derek Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy?

Here are the most incredible and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

Can Roseanne still be Roseanne now that its brash, unruly, feminist hero has returned to her progressive, universally lauded television show — as a Trump voter?

As President Donald Trump said on Friday: "It's very tough to beat a plane when you can't see it."

They like it so they're gonna put a ring on it.

It's even better the second time round.

You know you want 'em.

Baby's first selfie!

Even Love, Simon director Greg Berlanti has gotten in on the gesture.

Bookmark this, you adult you.

"If you have a 5-gallon bucket full of river stones, and we have 25 students and a teacher, it will serve as a deterrent."

🎶 Acne, acne, go away. Come again...not another day. 🎶

Apenas experts acertam a identidade de mais de 80% dos bonequinhos.

"No one should have to go to school in fear of gun violence."

De alguma forma, o seriado fez parte do meu amadurecimento – dos momentos bons, dos momentos de tédio, dos momentos de crise.

Let the furniture do the talking.

Mas será que é isso mesmo? Resolvi tirar a prova e assistir ao filme "Veronica".

She made money moves all the way into the top tax bracket.

You got mad, but Facebook chugs on.

Mindy Kaling was shook, Khloé Kardashian ate Popeyes, and more!

Where did Will and Jazz's handshake come from?

Seriously, what the hell is this?

Tá certo que ela só está no ar no Rio de Janeiro, mas estamos aqui para reparar essa injustiça!

Verdadeiros heróis criativos...

In a letter to Gina Haspel, Trump's nominee to lead the CIA, McCain describes a Libyan woman whose abuse took place in 2004 "as several American intelligence officers watched." He asked, "do you believe actions like these were justified?"

🎵It's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight🎵

Motores da história.

Mientras todos sus compañeros seguían la coreografía, él se quedó parado viendo a la cámara con cara de "ÑO".

¿Existe algo más doloroso que un viernes en el que no pagan?

"There are a lot of things that I'm unhappy about in this bill."

Plataforma de vídeos, que pertence ao Google, cumpriu decisão da Justiça publicada na quinta (22) e retirou 16 vídeos do ar. No domingo (18), dois deles chegaram à lista Em Alta (Trending).

Prepare for your whole life to flash before your eyes.

"I don't follow rules, I make them... and when necessary, I break them."

Are you more The Breakfast Club or The Goonies?

Are you a lady from Queens or a Brooklyn boy?

I'm not kidding!

Cowabungaaa, etc.

Dairy-Free Strawberry Cheesecake

Exagerado? Eu?

Quando se trata da imagem de Lawrence, o que queremos dela muitas vezes é reflexo do que queremos ou precisamos que ela seja – mesmo que as evidências, incluindo performances inteiras, sugiram algo diferente.

You can't even be mad at them because they're so freakin' cute!

Alv, ahorita mismo cancelo la suscripción del gym.

She's an angel!

So. Cool.

The clothes rule book.

It's been ~done~.

This week, Congress passed the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act, which critics say puts sex workers in harm’s way and could even threaten freedom of speech online.

Como o seu nariz se sente em relação ao mundo?

Get ready for emoji hearing aids, service animals, and prosthetic limbs.


"¡Nadie te preguntó, Patrice!"

Usar un jumpsuit y tener que desnudarte por completo solo para hacer pipí.

Cómo hacerlo BIEN.

Logan Starliper, 3, died due to a mix of methamphetamine and opiods in her system, authorities said.

¿Por qué nadie se come la comida que piden en los restaurantes?

Nuestras elecciones nos definen, así que toma las correctas.

Las cartas tienen todas las respuestas.

¿Quién más puede abrazar a José José y usar su propio meme para describir sus días?

Noches en vela completamente innecesarias.

Son las cosas pequeñas <3

¿Millennial, Generacion Z, Xillenial o ya de plano dejamos de hablar?

Aprende a sacar cosas de la nariz de tus hijos como un campeón.

Gracias, Steven Spielberg por esta compilación.

Algunos trucos funcionaron de maravilla y otros nos sacaron lágrimas, literalmente.

Este quiz está que arde.

Moments after joking "what's Facebook?" on Twitter, Elon Musk deleted the Facebook pages for two of his companies, Tesla and SpaceX.

How delicious *IS* the grey stuff, REALLY?!

L'entreprise Cambridge Analytica a rassemblé les données de dizaine de millions d'utilisateurs de Facebook sans leur consentement. Voici comment cela a pu se passer.

“Our attitude on the show has always been, whatever is out there affecting our young people, we should be talking about it on Degrassi,” said the show’s co-creator, Linda Schuyler, who said Parkland student activists will inspire a storyline in the upcoming season.

Macron sur mars, Macron en prophète biblique, Macron prochaine star du Mondial de football...

Make this night different from all other nights.

„Merkel gehört 'ne Kugel durch den Kopf gejagt.”

Deals at Nasty Gal, Wayfair, Nordstrom, and more!

Not accustomed to all these affordable prices?! ~Jet~ used to it.

¿Serás gigante y con varios cerebros como un Kaiju o noble y peludo como King Kong?

O que, por lo menos, te servirán para tener discusiones muy profundas con tus amigos.

Pour les vrai-e-s gourmand-e-s.

O racismo acontece todo dia, muito antes de você xingar alguém de "macaco".

You said it, Sister!

Avec beaucoup de blanc d'œuf et une sacrée tenue dans l'assiette.

"I look back, and I feel sad that I don't remember a lot of the big years of my life."

Você domina o básico da cozinha?

This is nearly impossible.

They're just so darn cute!

Un quiz pas sorcier.

On ne vous a mis que le meilleur.

Vous ne verrez plus jamais des Pringles de la même façon.

Des huiles naturelles pour prendre soin de votre peau et de vos cheveux !

Deals on an electric tea kettle, a multi-colored cat night light, a Mickey Mouse sandwich/cookie cutter, a non-stick frying pan, and more!

Ces chiens aboient des phrases complètes.

Il y a les règles de l'art, et puis toutes celles que l'on improvise.

Le futur est entre de bonnes mains.

Partagez avec un-e pote qui essaye de limiter sa consommation de viande.

Curtains for Scorpios, and pillows for Pisces. 🌚🌝

Everyone deserves their own Hollywood Chris.

Listen more. Speak less.

How BuzzFeed's international editions consider their audience, cultural context, and the power of Facebook pages, of course.

Uma empresa coletou sem autorização os dados de dezenas de milhões de usuários do Facebook. Neste post, explicamos como tudo aconteceu.

You both have so much in common.

Você vai sair deste post querendo ir direto pra lá.

"She can say some hurtful things in the bathtub sometimes."

The indictment is unlikely to lead to trials but serves as a warning to other international hackers who will see their ability to travel to countries friendly with the United States severely limited.


Inviting someone into your home is kind of a big deal, whether they're visiting for a spell there or you're listing it via the likes of Airbnb. Do these simple things (you probably didn't consider) before they arrive to make things go swimmingly.

S'ils maquillent les plus grandes stars, ce n'est pas un hasard !

Qué bonita es la poesía.

¡No hace falta irse muy lejos!

En quoi serez-vous réincarné ?

Jedes Fach hatte seine eigene Farbe.

Me as a celebrity.

French authorities confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the suspected gunman was dead.

"I asked this girl where she got her nails done and she googled the exact address and showed me a pic of the building."

We're just here to help you make delicious food.

Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 23.


Honestly, you deserve all of these!

„Du musst dich nicht für deinen Körper schämen.”

Amazonが「タイムセール祭り」を開催中です。Fire TV StickなどのAmazonデバイスを買うなら今がチャンスですよ!

Michael Davidson, 37, served in the New York City Fire Department for 15 years. He is survived by his wife and four children.

*Que te den morcilla*.

Bisch du a einer?

What's in a name?

Lass uns persönlich werden.

Good guys with guns don’t only shoot bad guys. At least 47 times since 2015, a person has shot a friend, family member, or emergency responder they mistook for an intruder in their home.

Vous ne savez pas quoi regarder ? Voici quelques pistes qui devraient vous plaire.

「東京タンメン トナリ」が監修したローソン限定の神コラボ麺、もう食べた?一度食べたら病みつきになるから気をつけてな!

And she also revealed that Stormi is an "angel."

Aucun remboursement n'es prévu si vous finissez avec Voldemort.

Acho, tío.

Die verrücktesten Jobs auf diesem Planeten!

Do you peel kiwi fruit?

Les changements sociaux sont passés par là, et certaines œuvres vieillissent moins bien que d'autres.


"Meine Mutter hat gesagt, dass ich, obwohl ihre Ehe mit meinem Vater nicht funktioniert hat, das Beste sei, das daraus hervorgegangen ist."

Paris a ses propres règles, les connaissez-vous ?




「モデルよりオタクをやっている方が長いですね、確実に」。モデル、女優として活躍する山本美月は、はっきりアニメ、漫画への愛を語る。 堂々と。ランウェイで歩く姿のようにまっすぐ。


Unter dem Twitter-Hashtag #2012vs2018 kannst du sehen, wie krass sich Menschen in nur 6 Jahren verändern können.

We can't all be summer.



La gente te llama insensible constantemente, lo cual solo es cierto en un 75%.

Die AfD stellt den Volksverhetzungs-Paragraphen in Frage. Um ihn zu ändern wird die Partei einen Antrag in den Bundestag einbringen. Der verantwortliche Politiker spricht sogar vom „Abschaffen“.



幸運を祈る! きっと最後は運任せになるから。


Ohrenschmalz und Kopfhörer. Die Kombination des Grauens.

Very, very, important.

22-year-old Courtney Topic was shot dead by police while holding a knife in front of a Western Sydney Hungry Jack's in February 2015.

Small potatoes.

Bust out the leg warmers and hairspray.


"This is about women being harassed because these people want brownie points in heaven," a local anesthetist told BuzzFeed News.

Steve Taylor was arrested and charged with cultivation and possession of cannabis. His daughters say juicing the plant to treat their Crohn's disease has changed their life.

This is the biopic that I want.

Seven were taken back to sea, but three whales beached themselves again. Some people may find these images distressing.

The protest came a day after Sacramento police released video of officers fatally shooting 22-year-old Stephon Clark in his backyard.

Ad Standards found that telling people to "stop the spread of the [ginger] gene" was a step too far.

Ben Jealous, who is fighting to gain traction with Maryland voters ahead of the June 26 primary, is expected to receive an endorsement from the California senator, according to two people familiar with the process. A spokesperson for Harris did not respond to a request for comment.



A few essential products that'll upgrade your tea time.

"It was heartbreaking because I found out he played for your team, not mine."

Trump's new national security adviser thinks more often than not that bombing is the answer.

Look away. LOOK. AWAY.

Have you really found the one?

The massive accumulation of plastic and other debris in the Pacific Ocean continues to grow as global consumption of the material remains high.

Yes, you've heard "Let It Go" 8 million times — but have you heard it belted from a Broadway stage?

La noche del 19 de marzo un comando armado se los llevó en camionetas cuando terminaban de grabar una tarea.

From Cory Booker's progressive wish-list bill to Elizabeth Warren defending state legalization efforts to Western lawmakers (and potential presidential candidates) currently overseeing that legalization, the next wave of Democrats are explicitly calling for legalization — a subtle but significant political shift.

"I want world peace...Oh, and bigger boobs."

This is just a ridiculous amount of cute you guys.

Officials said they have not been able to determine why the 51-year-old driver apparently lit himself on fire as he drove through the gate of an air force base.

These cats are hiding within your Instagram feed. Do you see them?

Request denied.

Two major departures from Team Trump, students at Stoneman Douglas High have to wear clear backpacks, and chronological order is back on Instagram.

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