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    We Tried Eyelash Growth Serums For A Month And Damn, They Worked

    Are they really worth the ka-ching? Or just give your full-lash dreams a false run?

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    Lashes are great and all, but don't we all wish they were ~naturally~ just a liiiittle longer, thicker, and more curled?


    Instead of just talking about our dream lashes, we decided to test out eyelash serums — one affordable and one high-end — in the hopes that our lashes can achieve their FULL, LUSH, and BEAUTIFUL potential!


    The classic battle between $ (RapidLash) and $$$ (Rodan + Fields Lash Boost) commences! ⚡️💥

    Watch our three dedicated testers go on their month-long journey into (hopefully) ~fuller lash territory~!

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    It took a while for everyone to get used to incorporating another step into their respective routines, though the serum itself seemed really easy/straightforward to apply — just swipe and voila!


    Caity labeled hers so she wouldn't forget that RapidLash goes on the left and LashBoost goes on the right. Smart move.

    Results didn't happen right away, which was kinda expected. #keepexpectationslow


    Sarah: "I almost wish it stung a little so I could be like, "It's working!!" but it doesn't feel like anything happened, so I guess you really just have to wait and see."

    For people with sensitive eyes, like Liz, the serum made the skin around them noticeably red and irritated at first.


    Liz: "People keep commenting, 'Were you out last night smoking weed?' Well, yeah, I do that too, but it's honestly the product — it's been making me react."

    BUT over time, the redness did lessen!! Thankfully. So don't lose hope yet!

    LashBoost seemed to have a higher liquid/wetness factor — as Caity's boyfriend observed, "it looks like you have some gloss on your eyes."


    Caity: "It looks like my right might be a little longer. I kinda do notice it's a little bit more full, but nothing too serious."

    Important: Avoid the gland openings so they don't become clogged, because that’s how you could get an infection or stye!

    As time went on, the ladies got a little more impatient. They forgot to put on the serum a few times. (Life happened!) They wore their lashes natural and most people didn't notice or comment, besides Sarah's friends and doctor.


    Liz: "Mascara or fake eyelashes are kinda instantaneous, so having to wait six weeks is getting a little hard."

    BUT LashBoost did seem to edge out RapidLash quite consistently throughout the whole experiment. Final consensus? More fullness, fersure. LashBoost also felt ~better~ and seemed to provide a little more ~oomph.~


    Like, DAMN. Look at the visible thickness! Basically, "Go big or go home!"


    Finals thoughts?


    Sarah: "Overall, I don’t think eyelash serums necessarily 'grow' your eyelashes, but I do think they help moisturize and strengthen your lashes and prevent breakages (hello, caster oil!). In a Self article, dermatologist Pamela A. Lowe states that 'replacement of a single lash is anywhere from four to eight months.' So, you're just giving your lashes a longer life by allowing the follicles to hold on longer."

    Get RapidLash from Amazon for $29 and LashBoost from Rodan + Fields for $150.

    P.S. Apparently you can also try these serums on your brows! Experiment away!