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    7 Hair Gadgets That Will Make Your Morning Faster

    Nothing sets you up for a good day better than an easy morning.

    Unless you're a morning person (*actively doesn't raise hand*) getting ready in the morning can be annoying. But these new hair tools will make your day juuuuust a little bit easier — and faster.

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    First, there's the tried and true Wet Brush, which detangles hair in seconds without breaking or damaging strands. / Via Instagram:

    If you take morning showers, this brush is a must. "If you brush your hair wet and do not use a Wet Brush, you could be pulling the elasticity of the hair," explains hairstylist, Braydon Nelson. "Therefore the hair becomes weak and damaged." That's why this efficient yet safe solution is key.

    To really get at those tangles, InStyler stylist, Becca Abraham, suggests, "Work out tangles closest to the ends of the hair and slowly work your way up toward the scalp."

    Get it on Amazon for $9.

    The new InStyler Glossie Brush brushes and styles your hair at the same time.

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    Talk about a time saver! The circular heated plates around the outside of the bristles make this two-in-one product a total morning game changer for those who have to straighten their hair daily. Just brush down along the ends for a style that's sleek, smooth and simple.

    Get it on Amazon for $59.

    Goody's new QuikStyle has little pieces of absorbent towel-like fibers between the bristles to help dry hair faster.

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    This is exactly the hairbrush morning gym rats need. Whether you go for a swim or shower after an intense workout, you can speed up your hair's drying process with this brush without having to lug around a hairdryer. Even if there are hairdryers easily accessible, sometimes it's nice to give your hair the day off from using heat.

    Get it on Amazon for $9.98.

    This weird spherical brush makes blowing hair out into curls and waves so much easier.

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    This brush can make a morning blow dry faster and simpler. Just run it through with a hairdryer and you can instantly add volume to the roots or curls to the ends. Not to mention, the hollow paddle speeds up the drying while also keeping heat damage at a minimum.

    Get it on Amazon for $10.

    Get rid of frizz and boost your hair's shine in one motion with this brush from Cricket that has plastic that's infused with keratin protein, olive and argan oils.

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    "Plastic and metal brushes last for years and really help the hair to stay healthy," says Nelson. "They also give hair a great natural shine." Now you can guarantee shine thanks to this brush's infused-plastic technology. Nothing says healthy hair like a bright shine.

    Get it on Amazon for $13.

    What looks like a regular paddle brush seconds as an easy-to-use straightener.

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    The bristles help you glide it through the hair for super easy styling that doesn't cause any pulling or breaking. It's also an easy tool to help get some lift at the roots.

    Get it on Amazon for $30.

    No matter how bad you are at using hair tools, this Conair tool is fool-proof.

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    All you have do do is put your hair in. Then, it just comes out curled.

    Get it on Amazon for $60.