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    7 Hair Gadgets That Will Make Your Morning Faster

    Nothing sets you up for a good day better than an easy morning.

    Unless you're a morning person (*actively doesn't raise hand*) getting ready in the morning can be annoying. But these new hair tools will make your day juuuuust a little bit easier — and faster.

    First, there's the tried and true Wet Brush, which detangles hair in seconds without breaking or damaging strands.

    The new InStyler Glossie Brush brushes and styles your hair at the same time.

    Goody's new QuikStyle has little pieces of absorbent towel-like fibers between the bristles to help dry hair faster.

    This weird spherical brush makes blowing hair out into curls and waves so much easier.

    Get rid of frizz and boost your hair's shine in one motion with this brush from Cricket that has plastic that's infused with keratin protein, olive and argan oils.

    What looks like a regular paddle brush seconds as an easy-to-use straightener.

    No matter how bad you are at using hair tools, this Conair tool is fool-proof.