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    18 Awkward And Funny AF Moments From The YouTube Fan Fest In Mumbai

    All your faves on one stage.

    1. When SnG wrote a really weird song called "We Are Fans" to open the show...

    It was just a lot of screaming "WE ARE FANS".

    2. And then told the world about all of their various cross-dressing moments because they thought it was funny.

    It's 2018, SnG. FFS.

    3. When Technical Guruji brought his rapper alter ego "Techie G" on stage to rap about his life...

    4. But no one on the livestream failed to notice that the man was lip-syncing.

    5. When everyone reallllyyy missed their fave, Carry Minati.

    6. When Ashish Chanchlani spoke about being from Ulhasnagar and gave all of us some real-life inspo.

    7. When Ramesh and Suresh from the 5 Star ads came to eat their damn chocolate and leave.

    8. When Screen Patti's mic stopped working so they had to perform after Sonali Bhadauria instead.

    9. When SnG revealed that most people request for Kenny and Biswa to feature on their podcast, and the crowd starting cheering for Biswa...

    10. When Diljit Dosanjh had to give away a bottle of Coke to a fan...

    11. But asked for a new bottle because he already drank from the bottle he was given.

    12. When Gabbie Hanna wore this extra lehenga for her performance.

    It's like no one learned from Trudeau's visit to India.

    13. And when she told everyone this reassuring truth.

    14. When Bhuvan Bam made the place super LIT.

    15. And when he made this group of friends super emo with his singing.

    16. When SnG kept teasing people into thinking Lilly Singh was making a surprise appearance.

    17. Only for us to find out that she was technically there with a video message.

    18. And when the uncle from Ritviz's "Udd Gaye" closed the show, giving us all feels about our fave song.

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