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23 Special Skills People With Periods Have Picked Up Over The Years

Walking a special way to avoid any blood overflow.

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Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

1. Being able to make an origami-quality toilet paper wad as a makeshift temporary pad.

2. Or mastering the art of perfectly folding a menstrual cup to fit in your vagina comfortably.

3. Walking a special way to avoid any blood overflow.

4. Knowing the exact moment your period starts.

5. Sitting a certain way to avoid blood spillage.

6. And laying in a certain way, too, all night.

7. Hiding a tampon up your sleeve that literally no one notices (EVEN THO WE SHOULDN'T FUCKING HAVE TO, BECAUSE COME. ON.)

8. And getting down with yoga poses to insert a tampon or cup in a small-ass space.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

9. Being able to pull out a dry tampon.

10. Passing clots and then moving on with your life and going to work anyway.

11. Placing the pad or pantyliner very artfully on your underwear to achieve the perfect balance of coverage.

12. Excavating your vagina for a tampon after a string gets lost or breaks.

13. Not spilling a single drop of blood when emptying your cup.

14. Getting blood out of underwear…

15. ...and sheets, and jeans, and...UGH basically anything.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

16. Successfully wearing a adhesive heat wrap without it folding up and sticking to itself.

17. Looking amazing and on point while it feels like your uterus is punching your gut with brass knuckles.

18. Clenching your vagina long enough to stop a sudden gush of over-flowing blood so you can dash to the bathroom.

19. Having cat-like reflexes when catching an unwrapped tampon just before it hits the floor.

20. Magically having an extra tampon handy when someone else unexpectedly needs one.

21. Managing to stay calm (at least on the outside) when your period is over a week late.

22. Not spilling a single drop of hot water (and, therefore, not burning your fingers) while filling up a hot water bottle.

23. And having superhero-like flexibility to help you find JUST the right position to ease cramp pain.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

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