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Oprah's Bathtub Is Moulded To The Shape Of Her Body, And I've Never Felt More Poor

Oprah's bank balance basically reads: HOLY SHIT!

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One thing we know for certain about Oprah Winfrey is that she's Queen of Everything. That's not up for dispute. We also know that she's rich. In fact, according to Forbes, Oprah's not exactly hard up for a dollar or two.


However, there's just a small problem, because obviously an Oprah bathtub can't just be hand-carved. No, no, it's also moulded to the shape of her body.


I can't decide if my reaction is more James screaming, Reese basically yelling WHAT IN WHOLESOME HELL, or Mindy just shaking her head in disbelief.

According to Oprah, there was a cast of her made to mould her shape into the bathtub. Honestly, guys, I haven't felt this poor since fellow billionaire Bill Gates tried to guess the price of supermarket groceries.

Now, obviously I have a lot of questions. Like, the tub must be bigger than Oprah because she said you can fit a couple of people in there. So is it just moulded to, like, the shape of her back, or her curves, or... I can't think of another example but I need answers!

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