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    Whoa, These Cakes Look More Life-Like Than Real Succulents

    New cake #goals.

    It's pretty hard to impress people with food these days. It takes something exceptionally delicious, technically audacious, or Instagram-worthy.

    Lifetime / Via

    Or, often, a combination of all three.

    *Ahem* Something like Ivenoven, a bakery based out of Indonesia that specializes in hyper-detailed buttercream cakes, especially ones that look like terrariums.

    Her terrarium cakes are so well decorated that your eyes almost strain from the density of detail and intensity of contrast. 👀

    Like, I don't think I could even Instagram-filter something to make it look this meticulous.

    *Turns down screen brightness*

    Not to be dramatic, but I'm pretty sure I could find the meaning of life between these beautiful succulents.

    And I know what you're thinking, these cupcakes definitely look more life-like than real succulents.

    Though Kawi only ships her cakes within Indonesia, you can always follow her on Instagram for endless cake-spiration!

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