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    22 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

    A vibrant set of silicone baking cups, microwavable popcorn popper, alien patch sweatshirt, and 19 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

    1. An alien-patch sweatshirt to prove that extraterrestrials NEVER go out of style.

    2. A microwave-safe popcorn popper that’ll take ALL the guesswork out of knowing just how many kernels have actually popped.

    3. An adorable Tonymoly Gloss Bar for moisturizing your pout while also giving it a subtle tint of color.

    4. A set of silicone baking cups so you can whip up cupcakes and other dishes without the need for cooking sprays, messy muffin pans, or fussy foil cups.

    5. A cute one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline and lace-up back to transform the shore into a fashion show.

    6. A copy of Man’s Search for Meaning so you can follow the powerful story of psychiatrist and concentration camp survivor Viktor Frankl's life and how he used his suffering and pain to help others and find his true purpose in life.

    7. A hella cute pair of distressed overalls for shaking up your wardrobe a bit while still being on trend.

    8. A hexagonal stone pendant wrapped in bronze wire that’ll immediately dress up any outfit.

    9. A set of adjustable blind-spot mirrors you can rotate to make sure you can fully view what’s going on around your vehicle.

    10. A set of EmaxDesign bamboo makeup brushes, which'll help you bring all your fabulous beauty looks to life.

    11. A bottle of organic Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for making your own all-purpose cleaner, giving your recipes an extra kick of flavor, or mixing with your clay mask to give your skin a deep clean.

    12. A vintage-style swing dress with a pleated skirt and off-the-shoulder neckline to make you the belle of the ball — or whatever function you wear it to.

    13. A copy of Declutter Your Mind, which'll provide you with some key tips and advice for how to use mindfulness techniques to avoid negative thinking patterns and live your best life.

    14. A shock-resistant, dual-layer bumper case for protecting your iPhone 6 or 6S without sacrificing an ounce of your personal style.

    15. A gorgeous crescent moon necklace that'll make your accessories collection oh-so stellar.

    16. A set of scented squishy toys sure to relieve all your stress — and maybe inspire you to order a tasty snack.

    17. An acacia serving bowl you can use for storing fruit, serving salads, or even housing succulents in a chic way.

    18. A darling set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens to liven up your journal, calendar, or drawings with some pretty pastel shades.

    19. A set of Tillandsia air plants for a drama-free way to test your green thumb without all the responsibility of caring for a larger plant.

    20. A precious Stitch auto decal that'll add a special touch to your vehicle that all your fellow drivers will adore.

    21. A Lemonade vinyl to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the groundbreaking project from our extraordinary Queen Bey.

    22. An EPIC Lego Star Wars TIE Fighter kit so you can build your own large-scale model of the legendary Imperial Starfighter.

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