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This Hyphen Quiz Will Test How Good You Are At Punctuation

Hyphens are incredible and infuriating — there's a reason they cause (hyph) strife. A quiz from the BuzzFeed copydesk.

These sentences were recently published on BuzzFeed. Some use hyphens correctly and others have had errors intentionally added — we need your help finding the errors.

For each example below, click on the part of the sentence you think is missing a hyphen or has one added in unnecessarily. If the sentence is correct as is, click the thumbs-up emoji 👍.

And #protip: Hyphens are connectors! They help avoid ambiguity, especially when you're using more than one word to convey a single idea. We defer to the BuzzFeed Style Guide, AP Stylebook, Merriam-Webster, and the Chicago Manual of Style (in that order) for hyphen usage.

Thumbnail credit: Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images for Variety