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Vegetarians Are Really Fucking Mad At Chrissy Teigen Right Now

So. Much. Drama.

Today in Twitter showdowns, we have a real drama taking place. In the red corner, we have Chrissy Teigen, queen of the Twitter lands.

And in the blue corner, we have vegetarians, who are not in the slightest bit happy with Chrissy's recent tweet where she chose her favourite kind of bacon.

Shall we proceed?

It started with a little debate, when vegetarians saw what Chrissy had tweeted.

@chrissyteigen @Alectronarays If you had to watch their faces as they were about to be slaughtered you might gain a fresh perspective. These little babies deserve to be more than bacon ☹️

And when Chrissy clapped back...

@KalelKitten @Corrigan_Tweets @Alectronarays I can’t imagine thinking I’m a god because I don’t eat meat while simultaneously being a judgemental brat to strangers online. turned into an all-out war.

I have lost ALL the respect I had for @chrissyteigen before this disgusting thread of comments. Unfunny, disgusting human. Unfortunate that a person with such a lack in compassion is also a mother.

Which is still going on days later.

@chrissyteigen @pawsnclawsTV we get it Christine, you’re on a high horse. You can’t get down because ur too normalized to eating animals like your dog. But your attacking people who personally see it as wrong. that’s fucked up. No respect. Ur the one playing god by choosing who dies for ur pleasure.

Chrissy has now called the vegetarians in her mentions "entitled and judgemental".

I always think that one day, I will probably give being a vegetarian a try. The thing that would stop me? I *never* want to feel as entitled and judgmental as the ones losing their minds in my mentions.

Before following it up with this mic drop about how people only seem to have a problem now.

“I UsEd 2 ResPecT u!!!!!!!!!!” ??? John ate chicken wings off my ass and my last cookbook was 98 percent gratuitous pork. I said I prefer bacon #4 and just now you’ve lost respect?

If you don't know what she's talking about, then don't panic, I've got the video at hand.

But if you think this war is going to end anytime soon, I wouldn't hold your breath.

@laylortovett @chrissyteigen People who make fun or attack you for being vegetarian are unable to face themselves for eating animals. It’s easier to draw attention to you than it is to think about what they’re doing.

In the meantime, I'll be over here doing my best Kim Kardashian impression on the Twitter TL.