There Was A "Sweetest Thing" Reunion And Everyone Is On-Board For A Sequel

    This news is too big to fit in here.

    Entertainment Weekly has blessed us with another nostalgic reunion, this time with the cast of 2002's The Sweetest Thing — aka our queens Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, and Selma Blair.

    The outlet sat down with Legendary™ women and discussed everything from the "Penis Song" to the glory hole scene, the latter of which was apparently no easy feat to film:

    Christina: But I was literally shot across that room. We both were. It was crazy. We were holding onto each other and falling. It was physical comedy and the rest of it was literal survival with the two of us, because they were shooting us with water as hard as possible.

    Cameron: It was absurd. It was one of those things where this movie, the absurdity of what we were going, everyday you want to try to push it, you want to try to take it to the full glory of what is possible within the writing and all of the things that you can pull off on the day. But at the same time, you’re trying to hold onto some tiny grain of dignity.


    But the most exciting tidbit we learned from the interview was that all of the women are down for a reboot and — more importantly — only want THEMSELVES to play their former characters:

    Entertainment Weekly: If The Sweetest Thing was going to be rebooted, who would you want to play your characters?

    Christina: Us.
    Cameron: Me!
    Christina: Yeah, me!
    Selma: I’m not going to give that up to anyone!
    Christina: They should do The Sweetest Thing: The Geriatric Years.
    Cameron: Could you imagine? Who would these girls be right now?
    Christina: We’d be wearing flats, I’ll tell you that. I’d be in flats.
    Cameron: I will tell you that is the truth.
    Christina: Never in heels again.
    Selma: And I will not—
    Cameron: You’re not going to f— a purple elephant?
    Selma: There’s some things that come with age.
    Cameron: You don’t have to, you’ve already done it!
    Selma: I’d have a daughter in it, and it’ll happen to her! Or a son and it’ll happen to him! I think we have a story line, guys. Anyone in? I’m not retired. This movie did not propel me to retirement status, so I’m in for the reboot. I will f— a purple elephant.
    Christina: I’d come out of a retirement for it, too.
    Cameron: I’d do it.
    Christina: Look, I’m retired until the money starts to run out, babe, so I’m here for a minute.
    Selma: I’ll see you girls on set!

    How do we make sure this happens?! WE HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, INTERNET!!!

    You can read the reunion in its entirety over at Entertainment Weekly.