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17 Michael Scott Moments That'll Make Any College Student Say "Me As Hell"

[checks bank account] I. DECLARE. BANKRUPTCYYYYYYY.

1. *Looks at syllabus on first day of class*

2. Walking into your Monday 8 a.m. like...

3. When you see someone on campus and make plans you have no intention of keeping

4. Forcing yourself to go to networking events and update your resume

5. "Your Uber is arriving now"

6. When the basketball team walks by

7. When you look through your friends' Snapchat stories the night you decided to stay in and do homework

8. Eating dining hall food for the 57th time this semester

9. Applying for internships like...

10. "Please pass in your assignment"

11. Going to campus events to get free stuff

12. When the professor has to cancel class

13. When you're at a party and you see your friend across the room

14. Checking your grades like

15. When someone asks for your ID

16. *Checks bank account*

17. And when you realize it's finally Friday

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