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For Some Reason The Sun Got Outraged By "Frankenstein" And You Will Totally Guess What Happened Next


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So yesterday the Sun posted a, uh, kinda weird story.

Congratulations to "Snowflake students" for correctly understanding a book, that 200 years after it was first published, The Sun apparently still does not.

In which it appeared to be angry that students understood the main theme of Frankenstein.

Sun reveals that University "snowflakes" understand the key questions raised in a novel.

That’s literally what Frankenstein is about.

You can totally guess what happened next.

snowflake students argue frumpy Jane Eyre's INTELLECT attracts novel's love interest. @TheSun

Loony Liberal Profs Are Teaching Snowflake Students That This Regal Swan Was Once a Hideous Duckling

Snowflake Students try to JUSTIFY murder in French Algiers, claim crime is SYMPTOMATIC of universe’s irrationality and MEANINGLESSNESS of human existence

CRY-BABIES: Snowflake students claim Orwell’s 1984 was ‘misunderstood’ — and is in fact a DYSTOPIA

Snowflake students claim "Pride and Prejudice" supports neither pride NOR prejudice -- actually about people getting over differences, boning

@Seanchuckle Tomorrow: "Student snowflakes Corbyn madness: They think Animal Farm is about socialism, not a cute story about talking pigs"

Snowflake students claim Romeo and Juliet may have had a 'problematic' relationship.

Snowflake students are claiming Mr Bump shouldn't have his disabled living allowance cut.

"Snowflake Students NOT SURE what 'Catcher in the Rye' is about - proto-Redditor almost has sex but doesn't - has strong but irritating opinions - life is sad"

smh SNOWFLAKE students claim oedipus made some pretty big mistakes

Points were raised about the whole freedom of speech/culture war thing that's going on at the moment.

Student snowflakes are claiming Frankenstein's monster was MISUNDERSTOOD. This shouldn't be allowed. Now turn to pages 3, 5, 6, 7 and 10 where we insist that free speech must be allowed on campus.

Also some other Good Tweets were posted.

Frankenstein was the name of the doctor. The monster is the editor who let this story get to print.

i am fascinated by The Sun commenter daveyh, the one lone voice of reason before the comments got flooded with people who claim to have actually read frankenstein, as if anyone has time for that

And can you guess what happened next? Well done. 🌽🌽🌽

The Sun seems to have deleted its Frankenstein tweet. Here it is for your enjoyment

Also: the Sun has released a great statement.

@JWoodcockMP @MattGarrahan @StigAbell Our full statement is below, though I can't *quite believe* I'm having to defend a story which WAS IN THE TIMES THE DAY BEFORE AND NOBODY CARED

It's the internet Circle of Life.


Now read this – it's good.