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    19 Old People Who Will Make You Say "Me In 50 Years"

    "My grandma literally has 23 framed portraits of her farm animals hanging on her grandchildren, only animals..."

    1. This impatient grandma.

    My grandma ain’t give nobody time to wake up good and brush they teeth this morning

    2. This grandma who sounds pretty hardcore.

    My gran works in Asda and was told last night to take essentials home incase she couldn’t get out today/tomorrow n she brought home 3 bottles of wine n a 40 fags talk about bear grylls

    3. The grandpa who's in amazing shape.

    Someone offered my grandpa a preferred seat for elderly people on the subway and he did this

    4. This pageant-winning grandma.

    my nanny won the beauty pageant at her nursing home and she is FLEXING SO HARD 😂

    5. This very punny grandpa.

    My grandpa asked me if I wanted a quarter pounder from McDonalds and this is what I got.... wtf man

    6. These grandparents making light of a less-than-ideal TV situation.

    My gran and grandas big TV has broken so for now they r using a smaller one and my granda just put this on Facebook 😂 funniest people I know can just imagine them

    7. This grandma with a very wholesome camera roll.

    I was looking through my grandmas camera roll and she just has pictures of squirrels

    8. And this grandma having the time of her life on holiday.

    My grandma is in Mexico taking shots with random girls on the beach and posting pics of it with captions like they're bff's..

    9. This grandma who knows how to party.


    10. And this unenthused grandpa.

    my aunt gave birth this morning and my grandpa is obviously very excited

    11. This very sweet grandpa who's proud of his new dog.

    My grandpa just got a new dog and had his caregiver take pictures of him to send to me 😭😭😭

    12. This gaming grandma.

    I got my grandma an Xbox one as a joke on Christmas and now she’s been playing for 3 days straight and I can’t get her to stop

    13. This grandpa who doesn't take well to their bingo invitations being declined.

    14. And this grandpa who has a genius prank planned.

    I'm watching this glass blowing video for my art appreciation class, and this old man has zero chill. I'm actually crying.

    15. This grandma who just loves animals.

    My grandma literally has 23 framed portraits of her farm animals hanging on her grandchildren, only animals...

    16. This woman who has discovered how to take amazing photographs.

    I found such a golden post on Facebook I love this so much 😭😭 Her name is Kimiko Nishimoto

    17. This grandma who can come up with hilariously brutal replies.

    Served my aunt a glass of water without putting it on a saucer & then she asked me, "Is this how you'll be serving your husband in future? ". My grandma then asked, "If U did all these things, why aren't U still in your marital home? " 🙆 This was so simplistic but I died 😂

    18. This grandma who had her priorities in order.

    This video cassette I found at my grandmas house still makes me laugh so much

    19. And this woman who just doesn't give a fuck.

    she's my new president now, i don't care what the laws say