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    Here's How To Make Your iPhone Stop Changing "Fuck" To "Duck"

    I wish I ducking knew about this sooner.

    We've all been're trying to text that vulgar little "F" word (only during appropriate situations, of course) when your phone autocorrects the word to: "DUCK."

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    And, OK, maybe Dave Stopera already told us how to fix this four years ago – but I honestly never gave it a Google, so I was still having the "ducking" problem...

    ...and it looks like a lot of Twitter users are as well (IN 2018).

    So – if you're still reading this – then you, too, missed the 2014 "Ducking" BuzzFeed article. Here's how you fix it:


    First, open 'Settings' and then click 'General.'

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    From there click on 'Keyboard.'

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    Next go to 'Text Replacement.'

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    Click the little plus sign in the upper right-hand corner.

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    Enter "fuck" into the 'Phrase' space and then enter "duck" into the 'Shortcut' space.

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    Note: You need to do this separately for "ducking" and "fucking," too.

    And voilà! Your phone will never autocorrect to "duck" again...

    Torres / BuzzFeed

    Just be careful with it!

    Apparently, if you have an Android – you have to delete the word "ducking" or "duck" from your dictionary to stop this problem.