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    Mar 7, 2018

    I Conquered My Fear Of Sharks By Learning How To Survive An Attack

    *Jaws theme song*

    Sure, Jaws has some of the most terrifying scenes in film history, but most of us know how unlikely a shark attack actually is...right?

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    The risk of a fatal shark attack is reportedly 1 in 3,748,067. You're more likely to win the lottery than you are of getting eaten by a shark.

    How do you survive a shark attack? Watch as Josh and Becky find out!

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    This is Josh, and he is legit scared of sharks, so his buddy, Becky, had an excellent idea for helping him conquer his fear.


    Josh isn't alone. A lot of people have these types of irrational fears.


    A big part of this is not feeling in control. So, Becky knew that if Josh wanted to feel empowered, he had to learn how to defend himself.

    She contacted Cody Malcom, a shark expert based in San Diego, who educates surfers on ways to stay safe in the ocean, and what to do if they find themselves face-to-face with a shark.


    To do this, he uses an animatronic shark. Yep.

    You may remember said animatronic shark from a YouTube video from last year that got over three million views.


    Con: It's not a real shark. Pro: It still looks kind of terrifying, and it does have super sharp teeth.

    Becky totally had to trick Josh into this whole thing by telling him it would be virtual reality. Ha!


    Cody explained to Josh, "Sharks move with intention. You need to start moving with intent."

    Cody wanted Josh to focus on two things. The first of which was not freezing up.


    Whatever you do, don't play dead. That kind of doesn't work underwater.

    Josh failed his first attempt to escape the animatronic sharp when he panicked and his legs ended up inside the shark's mouth.


    "Luckily I didn't cut myself on the teeth."

    The second thing Cody wanted Josh to do was to fight with all of his might. So, naturally, Josh punched the shark in the nose.


    Cody advised, "You've only got one shot. You punch that shark repeatedly in the nose and you miss, you're punching right into a mulcher."

    What you want to hit instead, are the sensitive spots of a shark. That would be the eyes and the gills.


    Josh did it! So, naturally, a congratulatory bro hug was in order.


    But remember, it's super-duper, highly unlikely for you to be eaten by a shark. Just sayin'...

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