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What's The Best Plot Twist In Movie History?

*jaw drops*

Everyone loves a good plot twist in a movie.

Universal Pictures

You know... the kind of twist that you neverrrrrr saw coming.

Paramount Pictures

Maybe you recently watched Get Out , and *that* scene with Rose literally made your jaw drop.

Blumhouse Productions

Perhaps you had to sit in silence for 15 minutes after finishing The Prestige, just to think about how it ended (and how you never saw it coming).

Touchstone Pictures

Or maybe there's a scene from your favorite movie, an underrated cult classic, or a big blockbuster that truly fucked with your mind.

Focus Features / Fox Searchlight Pictures

Tell us via the DropBox below which movie plot twists truly messed you up (and why!), and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!