Paris Jackson Just Reacted To Pictures That've Been Edited To Change Her Skin Tone

    "I'm aware of what I look like and I'm finally happy with it."

    We all know that social media has its downfalls, but something of a worrying trend to take off is people editing pictures of celebrities to lighten or darken their skin tones.

    One of the latest celebrities to have had their pictures edited is Paris Jackson.

    In this example, you can see that her skin is clearly lighter, although this could be down to the overall picture being brightened.

    But after spotting some of the edited pictures herself, Paris tweeted her fans asking them to stop changing the colour of her skin, saying that she was "finally happy" with the way that she looks.

    i appreciate everything y’all make for me, i enjoy every single edit i see. but please stop lightening my skin to make me look more white. and please stop darkening my skin to make me look more mixed. i am what i am. i’m aware of what i look like and i finally happy with it..

    While some fans offered an explanation of why it could be happening...

    @ParisJackson We all Love you for who you are. I think sometimes its not intentionally done, sometimes after a lot of editing it may or may not affect the skin tone. But sorry about it. Again we love you for being you and nothing about that will change ♥

    Many others offered their support.

    @ParisJackson i’m so sorry paris. i have never understood why someone would want to change some else’s skin colour. it’s really upsetting that you even have to point this out :(

    @ParisJackson You are so beautiful❤ @ParisJackson

    Go, Paris!