People Are Seriously Loving This Video Of A Very Cute Rabbit Trying To Jump Into A Bath

    So smol.

    This is 23-year-old Erica Lillard, who works as a nanny and lives in Athens, Georgia. Here she is with her pet rabbit Tokki.


    Lillard has had Tokki for only a week and a half but told BuzzFeed News: "He’s the nicest little guy and always wants to run around."


    Tokki is very small. 😩❤️😭


    She said: "His name is Oskar but I call him Tokki. Because he’s so small the vet can’t actually confirm that he’s a male."

    Last Sunday, Lillard was having a bath and Tokki decided to join in – but she quickly caught him. She shared the video on Twitter, where it gained over 156,000 likes and over 2 million views.

    I’m just trying to take a bath and my rabbit keeps trying to jump in the tub

    Lillard said: "I just posted the video because I thought it was funny that he kept trying even though bunnies shouldn’t take baths like that, and it’s wild that it’s blown up so much."

    She added: "I think it’s so cool that so many people have seen him."

    People are just in awe of Tokki and his cuteness.

    Lots of people questioned why she didn't allow Tokki in the bath.

    "Rabbits aren’t supposed to take full baths like that because they could go into shock! They bathe themselves like cats do," she said.


    "He’s not extremely clingy but sometimes he just wants to be cuddled," she said. ❤️


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