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Mar 7, 2018

These 12 Questions Will Reveal If You're A Low Or High Maintenance Girl

Do you strive for perfection or for compromise?

  1. Can you apply a strip of false eyelashes correctly?

  2. Does your skin care routine consist of more than three products?

  3. Have you gone longer than three days without washing, even though you had absolutely no reason not to wash?

  4. Are your nails currently manicured?

  5. Can you fit all your makeup into one regular-sized makeup bag?

  6. Does it take you less than half an hour to get ready in the morning?

  7. Have you ever spent more than £40 on a single beauty product?

  8. Does the brand of an item of clothing matter to you?

  9. Do you often ask for your food order to be slightly changed (and not due to allergies)?

  10. Are there any shops that you would absolutely never shop at?

  11. Are you good at compromise?

  12. Do you ever settle for anything less than perfection?

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