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    Whoopi Goldberg Has An Insane Shoe Collection And The World Needs To Know About It


    You might recognize Whoopi Goldberg as a phenomenal actress, an outspoken talk show host, and a hilarious comedian...

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    ...but did you also know she could give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money when it comes to shoes?

    That's right, Whoopi loveeees shoes! But not just any shoes. The EGOT holder prefers her soles with a unique flare. Check out these statement pieces from her closet:

    Why look at the sky, when you've got the stars right on your feet?

    The cozy constellations.

    Where's Waldo, anyone?

    Gaudy, but make it fashion.

    The heels have eyes.

    Attack of the copper clones.

    Wedges, Crayola edition.

    Feeling lucky?

    Pretty in pink.

    The porcelain pump.

    And the patriotic pump.

    The troll-toe trainers.

    The foxy female.

    The holiday heel.

    The psychedelic shoe.

    But these don't even begin to put a dent in her collection. Whoopi has shelves of slay-worthy pieces.


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    Which shoe would you be daring enough to wear?

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