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    19 Reasons "The Prince Of Egypt" Is The Best Animated Movie Of All Time

    "The Plagues" is such a bop.

    1. Let's start with the obvious — the animation in The Prince of Egypt is so breathtakingly beautiful. Reminder: This film came out in 1998.

    2. I mean, just look at these visuals!!!

    The Prince of Egypt sceneries appreciation post ❤️

    3. It STILL inspires artists everywhere.

    The Prince of Egypt is still so inspiring AAAAAAA (immediately geared up to draw anything just as beautiful as it)

    4. The voice cast is just an endless list of Hollywood A-listers...


    5. ...but despite that star-studded list, the music itself is probably the BIGGEST star of the whole damn thing.

    ...we can all agree Prince of Egypt has the best soundtrack of any animated movie right?

    6. Seriously, it's just perfect for truly any occasion.

    One time I was watching prince of Egypt to pregame the bars and my roommates were like wtf and I said no don’t worry the soundtrack is🔥

    7. Sing it loud, sing it proud.

    8. "The Plagues" is such a banger you forget that it's a dramatic AF song about plagues...

    "the plagues" from the prince of egypt had no right to slam so hard

    9. ...but please turn that shit ALL THE WAY UP.

    10. Oh, and the Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey version of "When You Believe"? So iconic.

    Whitney and Mariah gave us the spiritual duet of the decade on Prince of Egypt.

    11. I mean, could Disney EVER??????

    Blah blah blah infinity war crossover or something haha ambitious Prince of Egypt:

    12. It's emotional!

    me: "i can watch the prince of egypt without crying, i am a grownup" "the sting of the whip on my shoulder"

    13. It's sexual!

    My sexual awakening happened at sunday school when I saw Moses being bathed in the Prince of Egypt

    14. And it's so friggin' re-watchable that I'm going to go straight home and watch it again once I finish this:

    15. The thing is, it's woefully underrated, like most important *art* is:

    yall ever think about how the prince of egypt only has a 79% rating on rottentomatoes even tho its objectively one of the greatest animated features of our lifetime?? film critics are all dumb as hell no one knows how to watch anything but me

    16. Unfortunately this level of cinematic masterpiece just goes over some people's heads...

    17. ...but luckily there's a sensible community of people who understand THIS TRUTH.

    Prince of Egypt is still One Of The Most Iconic Masterpieces™ ever made and if you don’t agree, hit that unfollow button right now

    18. DreamWorks really gifted us with a true winner.

    This whole Disney pixar movie thing is stupid because DreamWorks made the Prince of Egypt, the greatest animated film of all time

    19. To summarize: the POE is the GOAT.

    Prince of Egypt is the best animated film ever dont @ me

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