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    We Got John Cena And Leslie Mann To Interview Each Other And It Was Hilarious

    The stars of Blockers talk alcohol enemas, butt chugging, and being a part of the BTS Army.

    So let’s set the scene: It’s prom night, you’re about to go to college, and you and your best friends have made a deal to lose your virginity on the best night of your school life. There’s just one small problem – your parents are trying to cockblock you. That’s exactly what goes down in the new movie Blockers, when John Cena and Leslie Mann (alongside Ike Barinholtz) discover their daughters’ sex pact.

    So when John and Leslie dropped into town, BuzzFeed absolutely had to sit down with the pair to talk cockblocking parents, the secret meanings of emojis, and ~that~ butt chugging scene. And what better way to do that than get the stars to interview each other? What could go wrong...?

    Leslie Mann: What was your first impression when you met me?

    John Cena: Oh my gosh, I’m way outta my league, this is never gonna work, I’m so out-gunned, this isn’t gonna be possible!

    LM: Whaaat?! That’s crazy.

    JC: And then it became totally awesome. You became super cool.

    JC: Did you attend your own prom? If so, what’s your favourite prom memory?

    LM: Um, I don’t remember very much of it because it was one of those nights. But I went with this guy – he later became a professional football player and won the Super Bowl. He was, like, 6’5” or 6’7”, so really tall, and really handsome. And nothing happened between us...that I remember. [laughs]

    LM: What's one goal that you want to achieve?

    JC: I want this movie to be such a success, I really do, because it was awesome to make and people seemed to laugh at it. I want this thing to just go to the moon, so that’s the goal.

    LM: Did you learn any lessons from filming Blockers that you'd apply to parenting in real life?

    JC: Yes, alcohol enemas get you buzzed. So if you need a quick happy hour and you can’t get caught drinking, you can always set up some sort of alcoholic colostomy bag.

    LM: [laughs] But don’t do it, because it’s dangerous.

    JC: It’s also dangerous. Live on the edge.

    JC: If you went to prom now, what would be your signature dance move?

    LM: [laughs] I’m one of those people who has too many moves per moment, but in my head it looks really good. But it’s bad and a lot. So I’m thinking I look great but I’ve seen video, and it doesn’t.

    JC: You kinda busted out a move in the movie. That second in prom when you’re like, “just be cool”.

    LM: Oh yeah, when I have the little [starts doing a little dance]. That’s the good part of my dancing.

    LM: What was it about Blockers that made you want to take on the role?

    JC: The story. It's such a fantastic story. And good relationships throughout the film.

    JC: Who's one celebrity you'd love to meet that you haven't met yet?

    LM: I’d like to hang out with Oprah.

    [It just so happened that Oprah was staying in the same hotel we were doing the interview in.]

    LM: I think she might be here – shall I go up there? We could just hang out in the lobby.

    JC: I would kick the door down and then run away real fast.

    LM: Besides Blockers, what's been your favourite movie role to play?

    JC: Man, all of them are such fun. I guess the ones without my clothes, so the one in Trainwreck was very fun, because it was very encouraging to take risks.

    LM: If you weren't an actor, what job do you think you'd be doing now?

    JC: I would try my hand at sports entertainment. I think I’d be pretty good at WWE.

    LM: Really good.

    JC: Yeah, I just think I was made for it.

    JC: Have you ever been starstruck by meeting another celebrity, and if so, who was it?

    LM: I was starstruck by John Taylor from Duran Duran. I had a poster of him on my wall when I was young and…yeah. And also Chad Lowe, Rob Lowe’s younger brother. I also had a picture of him in my room.

    JC: What's your favourite pizza topping, while we're on the subject?

    LM: Well I’m supposed to be vegetarian, but for some reason I’ve made it OK to eat pepperoni because it’s so good. But it seems like a fake meat. It doesn’t seem like a meat meat. It is a meat meat, but it’s probably the grossest meat you can have, but I’ve made it OK in my head to eat pepperoni for some reason.

    JC: If you could take one personality trait of mine, what would it be? Fuck.

    LM: [laughs] Your discipline.

    JC: OK, that's fair.

    LM: I still don’t know the eating thing but you seem so disciplined with the eating thing. That’s what I would take, yes.

    LM: If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

    JC: Home. I haven’t been there in forever. I don’t know if it still exists. So home.

    LM: How would you describe your high school self in three words?

    JC: Energetic, strong, and awkward.

    LM: Aw, at least you were strong.

    JC: What's something fans might be surprised to learn about you?

    LM: What do you think? Can you think of anything?

    JC: They would be surprised to know that I’m a fan of Korean pop music. That’s right, I’m down with the K-pop. Part of the BTS Army.

    LM: I’m a fan of your rap.

    JC: Oh my god, I didn’t know that about you! [whispering to camera] That’s not true. But that is awesome!

    LM: What's your favourite song to slay on karaoke?

    JC: Ohhhh, not very good at the old karaoke. Uhh, I would say “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash, because it’s kind of low tones and everybody can sing along to the chorus. Or like, “Low Places”, Garth Brooks is another one because everybody gets in on the chorus.

    JC: What acting role would you like to take on next?

    LM: I would like to play an action hero.

    JC: Yeah? Save the world sort of thing?

    LM: Well, I don't know if I want to save the world. Maybe.

    JC: From a supervillain, or a supernatural disaster – because you get the action movies with the crazy natural disasters that you have to stop – or, like, a supervillain?

    LM: A supervillain.

    JC: In Blockers, we as parents are trying to decide what emojis mean. What’s your favourite and most-used emoji?

    LM: Honestly, my favourite… I can’t really – this is sad – see, so I’m misusing emojis all the time. I’m not really sure what I’m sending. I can see the heart, I send that a lot. But then the rest of it could be anything.

    LM: What movie never fails to make you emotional?

    JC: The Notebook, because it has close ties to me of course. Story of my life.

    LM: What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

    JC: Show up to work cleanshaven and outwork the other guy.

    LM: Oh wow, you do do that.

    JC: What was your favourite scene to film in Blockers?

    LM: Favourite scene was probably the butt-chugging scene. That was good fun. It was good fun trying to protect you from showing your butthole to the 100 extras.

    JC: Yikes.

    LM: What's your favourite city in the world?

    JC: Been to a lot of them, but you know what, I’m just gonna say Chicago, because that’s where I went on my first date with my bride-to-be. So Chicago, definitely.

    LM: Aww, that's sweet.

    JC: What was your favourite day on set?

    LM: My favourite day was the day I met you.

    JC: That is… That is bullshit.

    LM: [laughs] It's true.

    JC: I mean, I could feel it. I can feel being defecated on by a bull. I’ve been part of some horrible fetish sex act with your answer. But on that note, we’re outta questions and we’ve answered them all. Hooray!

    Catch John and Leslie in Blockers, in UK cinemas on 30 March.