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    Kim Kardashian Had A Brief-But-Glorious Hard Rock Phase And You Need To See It Immediately

    The city of Seattle is shaking.

    Last night on Instagram Kim Kardashian took us through some photo albums, and let me tell you: IT WAS A TREASURE TROVE!

    She showed off some of her ~early looks~ and some photos of her famous friends.

    Even Jake Gyllenhaal makes an appearance.

    She shared many of her phases with us, like her "Drew Barrymore phase":

    And this one, which she called her "Clueless on another level" phase:

    But out of all of Kim's phases, her ~HARD ROCK PHASE~ is clearly the best.

    I'll let Kim's words guide you through this most amazing collage of her brief-but-glorious angsty period:

    "But look at who is the coolest. I was 12 years old, 1992."

    "On a scooter."

    "On a pinball machine."

    "So cool."

    I agree, Kim!!!