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The Story Behind Armie Hammer's Mugshot Is Just As Hilarious As The Mugshot Itself

"I got offered a tattoo, I got offered ass-weed..."

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So, we're all familiar with Armie Hammer, right? He's an intensely talented actor with the face of a real-life Disney Prince.

*Kisses computer screen in the middle of the office.*
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

*Kisses computer screen in the middle of the office.*

Anyway, he recently posted a mugshot on Instagram from back in 2011, which quickly became an iconic work of art.

Armie Hammer / Via

*Indiana Jones voice* IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM.

So, of course, when he appeared on Conan this week, he was asked about the story behind the photo, and it DID NOT disappoint:

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TBS / Via

First, let us pause to enjoy his delightful embarrassed laugh:


U cute.

Anyway, back in 2011 Armie and his buddy, Ashton, were on a road trip through Texas, trying to deliver decorations to his wife's bakery, when they were greeted by an unpleasant surprise.


Armie then admitted that it wasn't JUST decorations they were traveling with*, so they both knew instantly that they were screwed.


*Weed, it was weed. Marijuana. Mary Jane. JAZZ CIGARETTES.

And, even though the sweet pupper is the one who ~dogged him out,~ Armie remains an animal lover.


Plus, he made some friends while in jail, since his fellow cellmates recognized him as "that Facebook dude," because of his role in 2010's The Social Network.


So yeah, that's all, keep on being hilarious and perfect, handsome Facebook dude.

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