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How Do You Make Your Cubicle Suck Less?

There have to be better ways to decorate this space, right?? You tell me!

Cubicles are designed to cut us off from the distractions of the office... but with such a dull surface to stare at, we can easily become bored, isolated, and (in turn) distracted.

20th Century Fox

As if a cubicle even had a window to solemnly close during your anti-social moments (at least you can't see how nice it is outside while you're in the office, right?)

And trying to come up with appealing-yet-professional ways to decorate your workspace can feel sliiiightly overwhelming.


Because apparently your display of Doctor Who Sonic screwdrivers gave HR the wrong idea.

So what things have you used to make your cubical a place you actually want to be in Monday–Friday?


Maybe you hang up some art, like this adorable print-out that states there is no place like cubicle.

And the best part is you can print this at your cubicle, for your cubicle.

Or you could snag yourself a cover that'll make your keyboard a little less keybored.

This one will even let you zone out and stare at some pretty palm tress whenever you need an (instant) vacation.

You could add a little (artificial) life to your desk with a faux aloe plant that'll look lovely, require no care, and won't make your staff start sniffling this spring.

Can I hear an "aloe-lujah!" for this little guy?!

Why not throw on a cheery chair cover to give you something bright to sit on while you work your ass off all day?

TBH I'm ~inclined~ to buy this immediately.

Tell us all about the products, tips, and DIYs that make your desk the place to be in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!