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21 Perfect Pieces Of Handwriting So Good You’ll Wish It Was Yours

I want to sign up for a calligraphy class, ASAP.

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1. This snow script is so soothing:

2. And these "thank you" cookies are so perfect:

3. Wow, suddenly I want to bullet journal:

4. It's just not fair that some people are so talented, especially when it comes to writing:

5. OK now, this looks like a print out:

6. Hahaha, maybe if you write for me like this:

7. This little note is so cute:

8. The colors, and those swoops 😍:

9. It's cool how this looks so neat, but also old school:

10. Gaze at this piece of beautiful anger:

11. Get lost in Obama's signature:

12. Summer can't come faster, hopefully it'll be as gorgeous as this too:

13. I can't read any of this, but I'm in love with the detail:

14. This little guide is adorable, look how neat it is:

15. Wooooowwwww:

16. I want somebody to write on my Starbucks cup like this:

17. And Wednesday never looked so good:

18. Rainbow for the win:

19. And mmmmm....caramelized:

20. I can't read what this says, but I know it's divine:

21. And finally, I present to you...another minimum:

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