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17 Legitimately Terrifying Pranks That Would Probably Make You Crap Your Pants

Watching people freak out is so much fun.

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1. This crying little girl who people try to console until she turns out to be terrifying.

DM Pranks / Via

2. This IT prank that involved a kid standing in the corner of his brother's room until he was finally spotted.

TheNewAdamb99 / Via

3. This mirror prank featuring the nun from The Conjuring 2.

Roadshow Entertainment / Via

4. This terrifying message left on the floor for the next person who installs carpeting.

prettyoffbase / Via

5. This Samara from The Ring coming out of a TV prank.

Paramount Pictures / Via

6. This priest with telekinetic powers who scares the hell out of people.

DM Pranks / Via

7. This prank pulled off with fake web and a dog wearing a giant spider costume.

Viral Video / Via

8. This hologram ghost prank that was created using a projector and an invisible screen, put on display in the middle of the night to horrify a half-asleep person.

Jesse / Via

9. This Saw inspired prank that's a nightmare to anyone who has seen those movies.

IbraTV / Via

10. This prankster wearing a half-man, half-owl costume who hid out and terrified tourists in this abandoned morgue.

Hex Studios / Via

11. This tall, decapitated figure terrorizing people.

Jalals / Via

12. These moving mannequins startling unsuspecting people passing bye.

HowAboutBeirut / Via

13. This prank that involves cutting the stuffing out of a giant teddy bear and hanging out inside of it until it comes time to scare someone.

Jay Karl's Hidden Camera & Practical Jokes / Via

14. This fun DIY head in a jar prank that just requires some picture taking, printing, and strategic placement.

Instructables / Via

15. This Insidious: Chapter 3 showing that scared moviegoers in sinister fashion.

Empire Movies / Via

16. This person casually strolling around dressed as Michael Myers.

DM Pranks / Via

17. And finally, this girl frightening people with the demon spider walk from The Exorcist.

ViralBrothers / Via

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