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Jonah Hill Got His Sister's Name Tattooed On His Arm Because She's Kind Of A Big Deal

Hello, Beanie!

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Beanie Feldstein is a force to be reckoned with. First, she received critical acclaim for her co-starring role in the Oscar-nominated film, Lady Bird.


And THEN she went on to star as Minnie Faye in the Broadway production of Hello, Dolly! alongside Bette Midler.

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Basically, Beanie Feldstein is a pretty big deal.

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You MIGHT have also heard of her big brother, Jonah Hill.

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Well, Jonah is so proud of his sister that he got her name tattooed on his arm, in her show's signature font to celebrate her Broadway debut!

Beanie re-shared the photo on her own Instagram account, referencing lyrics from the show: "Somebody wants to put on his Sunday clothes!!! @jonahhill - this is NEXT LEVEL. Love you!"

I mean...

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Beanie, who calls Jonah her best friend, told People that starring in a Broadway musical inspired her brother to become a Broadway fan.

Instagram: @beaniefeldstein

My brother Jonah, I think, took a little while to come around. But now he loves theater and he wears his Hello, Dolly! hat around wherever he goes. I made him watch the Merrily We Roll Along documentary, and one day I came back from whatever I was doing and I had 10 texts from him and it was like, ‘Beanie, I love [composer Stephen] Sondheim. I’m obsessed with him.’ Like, yes! Finally. He’s coming around. He’s starting to get it more.

These two are officially the cutest.

beaniefeldstein / Via

What's the sweetest thing your sibling has ever done for you?

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