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    In Case You Can't Get Enough Of Them, Here Are 16 More Pics Of People Trying To Sell Mirrors

    Who knew accidental mirror selfies would be such an international treasure trove?

    By now, you've probably seen this viral tweet from last week from @SilviuMajor, who introduced all of us to the simple pleasure of looking at photos of people tryna sell mirrors:

    Looking at posts from people trying to sell mirrors is my new favourite thing

    Twitter: @SilviuMajor

    Meanwhile, the trend has also caught on internationally, judging by these hilarious mirror pics posted by Twitter users in Brazil:

    Twitter: @_arthbr

    (Note: Tweets have been translated from Portuguese).

    1. Which has helped us uncover gems like this ghost sighting...

    2. This excellent use of the buddy system...

    3. And this technologically altered wonder:

    Twitter: @_arthbr

    (Most of these screenshots are from the website Mercado Livre, which is like the Brazilian version of Craigslist for selling used items.)

    4. These sneak peek shots will never get old...

    5. And neither will a quality towel-wrapped mirror selfie...

    6. Or a good feet pic!

    7. We do love a good feet pic.

    8. If nothing else, this is all proof that good mirror photography is no easy task.

    Mercado Livre

    9. You've gotta stage it juuuust right...

    Mercado Livre

    10. And vouch for how happy the mirror has made you...

    11. And, in general, try not to draw too much attention to yourself while you're at it.

    Mercado Livre

    12. The operative word being "try."

    13. So whether you're going for the disembodied arm shot..

    Mercado Livre

    14. Or a slow creep-up...

    Mercado Livre

    15. Or are just trying to stay out of the frame entirely...

    Mercado Livre

    16. We see you, mirror sellers. And we appreciate you.

    Mercado Livre

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    This post was translated from Portuguese.