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26 Unsolved Gay Mysteries That Keep Me Up At Night

*Calls Robert Stack from the grave*

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1. What is a corn dog without the stick, Reba?

2. Was there an actual giant meatloaf inside of Kris Jenner?

3. Does Cher still not know how to utube?

4. Does she know where the iPhone stores videos?

5. And did it actually upload to Facebook?

6. OK, and also, what does this mean?

7. Does anyone actually think global warming is a good thing?

8. Well, how many?

9. L?

10. He?

11. Did she end up going?

12. Did this actually happen?

13. What?

14. Why?

15. Also, why? Like I get it, Mariah is a legend.





17. Is there anything better than a Rihanna meet and greet?

Rihanna's Facebook
Rihanna's Facebook

18. Is there anything that makes me want to die more than an Avril Lavigne one?

Avril's Facebook

19. Was this on purpose?

20. Do any Meghan Trainor fans really identify as "Potty Trainors?"

I honestly wasn't feeling Meghan's new song until I watched the video... I guess I'm a #pottytrainoršŸš½ now.

21. How did this outfit actually work?

Getty Images

22. Where is Poot Lovato right now?

23. How did this happen? Like, I know she explained it in an interview somewhere but still whaaat?

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24. Oil?

25. Whose dad was it?

26. Do ants fuck?

27. And, lastly, whatever happened to Hoku?

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Thank you for your time. I will see you #masconly gays in the comments.



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