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    “Reba” Turned 20 This Week, So Here’s What The Cast Looked Like Then Vs. Now

    "I'm a survivor..." 🤠🎤🎵

    If you've turned on the TV in the past 20 years or watched TikTok in the last 20 minutes, then you're probably familiar with Reba, aka everybody's favorite family sitcom about a single mom who works too hard, loves her kids, and never stops...

    The WB / Via

    The show celebrated its 20th anniversary on Oct. 5, so I decided to see what the cast is up to in 2021.

    So, here's the Reba cast in 2001 vs. 2021:

    Reba McEntire, who played Reba Hart, in 2001:

    Reba is shocked
    The WB / Via Hulu

    And Reba in 2021:

    Reba smiling on "Young Sheldon"
    Cbs Photo Archive / CBS via Getty Images

    Currently, she has a guest-starring role on Young Sheldon. She's also releasing a triple album called Revised Remixed Revisited.

    Christopher Rich, who played Brock Hart, in 2001:

    Brock sits in the therapist's office
    The WB / Via Hulu

    And Christopher in 2021:

    Chris in a charity ad
    Wipe Out Kids' Cancer / Via

    In March, he starred in a charity ad for Jersey Mike's and Wipe Out Kids' Cancer alongside Melissa Peterman and a cardboard cutout of Reba McEntire. He's also set to star in the movie Land of the Free, which is currently in pre-production.

    JoAnna García Swisher, who played Cheyenne Montgomery, in 2001:

    Cheyenne in her wedding dress
    The WB / Via Hulu

    And JoAnna in 2021:

    Steve Howey, who played Van Montgomery, in 2001:

    Brock talks to Reba
    The WB / Via Hulu

    And Steve in 2021:

    Scarlett Pomers, who played Kyra Hart, in 2001:

    Kyra holds Cheyenne's wedding dress
    The WB / Via Hulu

    And Scarlett in 2021:

    Mitch Holleman, who played Jake Hart, in 2001:

    Jake is confused
    The WB / Via Hulu

    And Mitch in 2021:

    And finally, Melissa Peterman, who played Barbra Jean Hart, in 2001:

    BJ is excited
    The WB / Via Hulu

    And Melissa in 2021:

    You can stream Reba on Hulu.

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