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    If You Struggle With A Perfectly Winged Eye, This Product Is A Freakin' Game-Changer

    My eyeliner is on point.

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    I am hopeless with eyeliner. In fact, I am pretty terrible at most makeup-related things that don’t fall into the category of “no-makeup” makeup. I ask (beg) you not to judge me too harshly based on the photos that follow and lack of skill.


    But bear with me, because I just discovered something called The Vamp Stamp, and it has kick-started my journey in mastering the cat eye.

    Rachel Ellison / BuzzFeed

    My daily makeup routine typically consists of some under-eye concealer, lip color, and, once in a while — if I’m feeling really extra — I’ll swipe a little liquid liner along my upper lash line. Mascara also rarely makes its way into my rotation (one of the perks of working from home). There are, however, times when I’d like to exude more drama, and I bet many of you can relate to the frustration of ending up with two drastically different wings on an attempted cat eye. Worse yet: when the tip is less of a point and more of a dissaPOINTment. (what I lack in makeup chops I make up for in punning skills).

    And so, just when I thought all hope was lost and I would have to consult a friend or makeup artist when the urge to eyeline arose, I discovered this game-changing product.

    The Vamp Stamp consists of a small triangular-tipped stamp that you dip into a cushion of ink and press onto your skin, resulting in perfectly symmetrical wings (ideally).

    Rachel Ellison / BuzzFeed

    The first photo above is taken just after adding the stamp, and the second is after I added the line along my lash and cleaned up the tip. The images are actually from two different days (hence the discrepancy in angle), but you get the gist. I’m not going to say that it has forever made eyeliner as easy a task as applying lipstick, but the fact that I can create a look that even resembles a winged liner is amazing to me. (I mean, look how perfect my right eye is!)

    When using the tool I initially thought it would be easier to line the lashes first, but quickly found that it was more effective to begin with the stamping so I could then connect the line to the wing with one even stroke.

    But do what works best for you! It takes some practice to perfect the pressure needed and the angle at which to stamp, but once you’ve got those two things down you’re golden.

    Here's a super-quick tutorial that shows how simple the application is.

    View this video on YouTube

    Based on its sparkling reviews, I’m not the only one who finds the tool extremely helpful:

    “I'm not into wings because I always struggle to make them look like they're even related, never mind sisters or twins. This stamp has made a HUGE difference. It takes a bit to learn the right placement for your eye, but once you do, it is easy-peasy to draw a wing. The ink that is sold separately is great and I do recommend it. I wish it came in the same package, because I just use the stamp and the ink, not the brush. No hesitation in recommending to those who struggle to draw a decent wing. I love it.” —IvyD70

    “Wings are so hard for me — however, this little tool makes it so much easier. It has a bit of a learning curve, but after that it is super easy! YouTuber Stephanie Nicole gives a good demo on how to use it. Buy the ink, too, because it's fabulous! The kitten wing gives the perfect everyday-size wing!” —Bh29

    A few more things to keep in mind: I am using the smallest wing stamp (kitten wing), but it's also available in medium, which provides a more dramatic wing.

    Rachel Ellison / BuzzFeed

    Also, it helps if you wash the stamp off every other usage or so. Otherwise the caked-on ink will cause it to stamp less evenly.

    It's worth noting that the ink and angled brush are sold separately from the stamp. I would recommend buying the ink if you don't already have a cushioned ink, as I can imagine the process of painting your favorite eyeliner to the stamp would prove an annoying, additional step. The Vamp Stamp is not a fix-all, obviously, but for the eyeliner-challenged, like myself, it provides a SUPER helpful roadmap for where to line.

    Get The Vamp Stamp from Bloomingdale's for $25 and the angled brush and cusioned ink for $20.

    Rachel Ellison / BuzzFeed

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