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    If You Struggle With A Perfectly Winged Eye, This Product Is A Freakin' Game-Changer

    My eyeliner is on point.

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    I am hopeless with eyeliner. In fact, I am pretty terrible at most makeup-related things that don’t fall into the category of “no-makeup” makeup. I ask (beg) you not to judge me too harshly based on the photos that follow and lack of skill.

    But bear with me, because I just discovered something called The Vamp Stamp, and it has kick-started my journey in mastering the cat eye.

    The Vamp Stamp consists of a small triangular-tipped stamp that you dip into a cushion of ink and press onto your skin, resulting in perfectly symmetrical wings (ideally).

    When using the tool I initially thought it would be easier to line the lashes first, but quickly found that it was more effective to begin with the stamping so I could then connect the line to the wing with one even stroke.

    Here's a super-quick tutorial that shows how simple the application is.

    View this video on YouTube

    Based on its sparkling reviews, I’m not the only one who finds the tool extremely helpful:

    “I'm not into wings because I always struggle to make them look like they're even related, never mind sisters or twins. This stamp has made a HUGE difference. It takes a bit to learn the right placement for your eye, but once you do, it is easy-peasy to draw a wing. The ink that is sold separately is great and I do recommend it. I wish it came in the same package, because I just use the stamp and the ink, not the brush. No hesitation in recommending to those who struggle to draw a decent wing. I love it.” —IvyD70

    “Wings are so hard for me — however, this little tool makes it so much easier. It has a bit of a learning curve, but after that it is super easy! YouTuber Stephanie Nicole gives a good demo on how to use it. Buy the ink, too, because it's fabulous! The kitten wing gives the perfect everyday-size wing!” —Bh29

    A few more things to keep in mind: I am using the smallest wing stamp (kitten wing), but it's also available in medium, which provides a more dramatic wing.

    Get The Vamp Stamp from Bloomingdale's for $25 and the angled brush and cusioned ink for $20.

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